January, 2017


Crème Brûlée

  Ingredients: Quantity Egg yolk 55 gm Fresh cream 100 gm Milk 50 gm Sugar 30 gm Vanilla Essence Few drops Pistachio Paste                                     …


Speculoos chocolate cups

For Crumble Ingredients   Quantity Biscoff cookies 60gm Melted butter 20gm   For Biscoff Cheese mousse Ingredients     Quantity Cream cheese 75gm Cream…

Food Trends 2017

Food Trends for 2017

Move over kale, obsessively-decorated smoothie bowls and the calorie-laden monster-shakes. The global food trends for 2017 is going to be everything 2016 was not!…

healthy food

Feed Your Soul and Body

What comes to your mind when you hear healthy food? Typically, for most of us healthy means greens, lean proteins, sugar & dairy free,…


Dessert Thursday: Malva pudding

Follow this traditional malva pudding recipe to make one of South Africa’s favourite desserts. Serve with custard, fresh cream or ice cream. For PuddingIngredients Quantity Castor…

food trends

Culinary Trends for 2017

Industrial predictions have been rolling in for 2017, and culinary industry is also on the raise to predict the upcoming trends for this year….


Pan seared beef fillet with Portobello béarnaise

  Ingredients Portobello ( chopped )  2pcs Beef fillet                            200gms Rosemary                            2 strings Garlic                                     2cloves Oil                                           2 tblspn Shallots chopped            …


Serving the Senses

Food is one thing that we know that uses all of our five senses. Be it the aromas of those delicate flavors slowly wafting…


Truffle infused mushrooms, sun dried tomato and goat cheese strudel

    Ingredients Portobello mushrooms 100gms Button mushrooms.      100gms Sun dried tomatoes.      50gms Shallots chopped.        30gms Garlic chopped.              15gms Salt                                   AR Pepper.                             AR Filo…