A Heart that Cooks with Love


For centuries now, the sign of a good welcome has been to feed your guests well. At the heart of all cooking and baking – whether you are rich or poor – is the spirit of conviviality, and the pleasure of sharing with others. Everyone needs their daily bread, and if the need comes to us by way of a hearty gesture, the bread tastes so much better.

At ICCA, the students who are taught culinary skills by caring people well versed in this art and are able to impart this knowledge, equips every student with a skill set that enhances their earning capacity. Yet everything they make is uniquely imbued with their own feelings and personality. Even though they follow instructions to a tee, using the same tools and techniques as taught, the work they produce will be different to the next persons, because they each bring something unique to the equation, and so it is with all of us. I always bring something special to my work – my heart is always in it, and you of course must put your own heart into your own work to make it more than just a chore.

Learning is full of surprises, it leads you to make discoveries about your own latent talents, and you will find that when you are taught by people with qualification, skill and wisdom, you unfold as a platform of multi-skills waiting to bring all you know to this experience we call life.

We look forward to developing those skills in you – for you – and for all those whose lives will be touched as you stir and bake some wholesome and delicious food with all your heart.

Nasarene Dhanki

Ms. Nasarene has been teaching cake decorating in Dubai for well over 18 years and is a licensed instructor for the PME Knightsbridge School of Cake Decorating for Professional Diploma Courses in Sugar Crafting and Cake Decoration. Since the inception of PME, she has been attending the annual PME Instructors Seminar at the UK, to renew her license and to update herself with new market trends, materials and tools used for Cake Decorating.

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