Ashwini Kumar

Chef Ashwini is a Worldchefs & City and Guilds certified culinary educator, with over a decade of experience as a chef, and as a culinary instructor / trainer. With bachelors in hospitality management, the realms of the culinary industry are intensely explored into. Harboring exceptional motivation & passion in the field, paired with proven track record of culinary ability & creativity, attention to detail. The forte now being, but not limited to, international cuisine, patisserie, bread making, artisan gelato making & training, sous vide cooking, and cook chill cooking. Being a culinary educator for a continual period of time, there is consequential specialty in, culinary training, in the creation and assessment of course / training programme and course content. Momentous ability to mentor and guide students.


Minced Pie

    Pie crust Flour                 400 gm Butter               240 gm Sugar               50 g Egg                  2 large Fruit mince / Mincemeat…

artisan bread making

Artisan Bread Making

    Soft rolls / dinner rolls Ingredients Quantity Flour 500gm Yeast 5gm Salt 4gm Sugar 40 gm Milk 300ml Butter 40 gms Egg…

French Nougat by Chef Ashwini Kumar

Recipe of the Day: French Nougat

Nougat are enjoyed for centuries, it is a classic confection made from sugar or honey, roasted nuts, whipped egg whites and sometimes added with…


What is Healthy Food Actually?

The discussion on healthy food or rather unhealthy food is never-ending. There are many dimensions to this discussion. So, is home cooked food healthy?…