Sally Handoko

Sally Hondoko started her career in the Four Seasons in Indonesia and edged into the pastry kitchen. After two years at Four Seasons, she moved to Dubai and worked with JW Marriot, Fairmont and Conrad Dubai before her current position with ICCA Dubai as a Pastry Chef Instructor. Despite her successful position as a pastry chef in the kitchen hierarchy, Sally was always interested in developing her career as a culinary instructor so she can share her knowledge and inspire the next round of professionals in the field.


Gingerbread Village

    Gingerbread House is a novelty confectionary made out of baked cookie dough pieces stacked together to give the shape of a house…


Pull apart bread

    Ingredients Quantity Rye FlourBread Flour 150 gm350  gm Yeast 10 gm Salt 8 gm WaterMolasses 320 ml30 gm   Method   Make…