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Fine Dining Etiquette

  The term Fine Dining brings all kinds of fancy images to mind, from the neatly led out sparkling cutleries to the waiters in…


My Spouse is a Chef!!

  Beyond the money & position that would eventually come to a chef’s career life, we are all well aware of how challenging and…

Make Life Delicious Stage with Team ICCA and Chef Daniel and Electrolux Influencer, Zahra Abdalla (Cooking with Zahra)

ICCA Powering Taste – 2017

Taste of Dubai 2017, the city’s favourite food, drink, and music festival held last weekend at Dubai Media City’s Amphitheatre, ended on a very…


Taste of Dubai

  Taste of Dubai is a food, drink and music festival, were top musician Billy Ocean will be performing at the event this year….


A Pizza Made to Perfection

  Talk to pizza chefs and they’ll tell you that pizza-making is not merely a case of kneading dough, scattering toppings and shoving in…

Food Trends 2017

Food Trends for 2017

Move over kale, obsessively-decorated smoothie bowls and the calorie-laden monster-shakes. The global food trends for 2017 is going to be everything 2016 was not!…

healthy food

Feed Your Soul and Body

What comes to your mind when you hear healthy food? Typically, for most of us healthy means greens, lean proteins, sugar & dairy free,…

food trends

Culinary Trends for 2017

Industrial predictions have been rolling in for 2017, and culinary industry is also on the raise to predict the upcoming trends for this year….


Keeping Fit Over the Holidays

  Holiday seasons are about family get-togethers, traveling, and delicious feasts. It’s no wonder that our waistlines tend to expand during this time of…


Fried Food Myths

  Fried food is something that we all enjoy with an added guilty pleasure to it. Do we like it? Well, we love to…


Art In Your Coffee

A rich, decadent concoction in the right measure, the perfect cup of coffee is like a warm hug on a cold day. For many…


No Mess is Less Stress

  Who doesn’t like putting together a delectable meal? However, if you were to ask someone what is the least rewarding part of cooking,…


Fresh Out of the Oven

  Coming home to the whiff of freshly baked goodies is something that brings an easy smile to anybody’s face. It could be a…


Flower Power

  Nothing says it like flowers! Think Flowers and the first blooming image that comes to mind will have your mood livened up.  Flowers…


Taste of Abu Dhabi

  Taste of Abu Dhabi is a food, drink and music festival, food being the main attraction. A gathering of people from all corners…


Celebrating Flavours

  With a potentiality of changing history and strengthening bonds, food is ought to be celebrated! Any activity or event involving wafting aromas and…


Turn to Turmeric

With its deep, golden hues and sharp, slightly bitter flavours, the use of the intense turmeric has been deeply-rooted in history. Besides being used…


Nuts Over Nuts

Be it for a delectable nutty crunch or the perfect protein punch, nuts are touted as a dieter’s dream come true. These nutritional powerhouses…