Dessert Thursday: Malva pudding

Follow this traditional malva pudding recipe to make one of South Africa’s favourite desserts. Serve with custard, fresh cream or ice cream. For PuddingIngredients Quantity Castor…

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Pumpkin Risotto

  Ingredients Serves 2 2 tbsp. olive oil 1 tbsp. medium onion (finely chopped) 100 g pumpkin (diced) 200 g Arborio rice 50 ml…


Choux Pastry

One of the very first recipes Patisserie Courses offer are Choux pastes. You’d be familiar with the Choux from its famous and delectable derivatives…


Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Chocolate fudge cookies with marshmallows-Dessert mashup Baking Temp: 160*c for 7-8 min Portion size:10 pieces Ingredients Quantity Semi sweet chocolate 15gm 72%Dark chocolate 25gm…

French Nougat by Chef Ashwini Kumar

Recipe of the Day: French Nougat

Nougat are enjoyed for centuries, it is a classic confection made from sugar or honey, roasted nuts, whipped egg whites and sometimes added with…

Iced Chai Karak

Chai Karak

The fragrant and creamy Chai Karak stands strong as a brew that is gaining popularity in the ‘Khaleeji’ region. The beverage owes its humble…

strawberry smoothie

Strawberry Smoothie

After the holidays, start with some protein shake to give you an extra boost in the morning! Strawberry Smoothie by Chef Marco Morana Ingredients…


Rosemary and Lemon Risotto

    A wonderful recipe where tradition from northern Italy and Mediterranean flavors are in harmony. The richness of a creamy risotto (made with Arborio rice)  scented with…


Ramadan Series: Umm Ali

The National dish of Egypt, Umm Ali also called Om Ali- translated as Ali’s Mother. This scrumptious dessert is a Middle Eastern version of…


Ramadan Series: Stuffed Dates

Dates have more than two hundred varieties that can be produced, large mejhoul dates are the ones used for special occasions and special recipes like these stuffed dates. Typically,…


Ramadan Series: Logaimat

Fried dough balls, originating from the middle east. A typical Ramadan delight, often served along with sweetened date syrup, or soaked in a rose-based…

Milk-based Apple Refresher

Ramadan Series: Tuffah Sharab

A milk-based sweetened refreshing drink, mainly prepared for Ramadan. The addition of apple not only makes it far more delicious, but also highly nutritional….


The Ramadan Series: Gahwa

The ceremony of preparing and enjoying Gahwa is the result of a unique heritage, ancestral know-how, and gracious hospitality. The particularity of the Gahwa…


Alfajores Cookies

Alfajore is a Spanish delicacy produced in a variety of different recipes. The most traditional recipe contains flour, honey, almonds, hazelnut and several spices….