Celebrating the Fiery Favourites


With heat impossible to ignore but flavours to savour, the chilli has a fiercely loyal band of fans rooting for it. Available in whites, greens, yellows, orange and reds and on a scale going from sweet & mild, to medium, medium-hot, hot and super hot, the chilli helps you embrace your food with a kick. Probably that is the reason why it has a rich culinary history and Texas made chilli the official state dish in 1977!

The first recorded batch of chilli dates back to 1731. A native to Americans, it has been used as a medicine for over 9,000 years. The fourth Thursday of February honours the fiery plant which can be integrated into a gazillion of recipes, ranging in heat scale from mild to liquid fire.

If only you can withstand its powerful bite, the chilli is an excellent source of Vitamin C. The scientific speculation around it is that chillies stimulate and support many different body systems all the way down to the cellular level, contributing to increased longevity.

For an added kick of incredible flavour, you can dice and add it to your salsa or serve as a garnish next to a meal. Sprinkle hot peppers in meatloaf or in macaroni and cheese. You can also do a Spicy Slow-cooked Chilli, Three Bean Vegetarian Chilli, Biscuit Bowl Chilli or the Classic Chilli Cheese Fries.

Owing to its contribution to the culinary and medicinal field, it is no surprise that the chilli spread throughout the world like wildfire and now finds its roots everywhere! So spicy food fans, don’t forget to bring in the National Chilli Day by whipping up the best spread out of your fiery favourite!


Shagufta Patel

With an academic background in Marketing, Shagufta is also an Image Advisor, Life-Skill Coach and a NLP practitioner with a penchant for writing. She intends to add value as part of the marketing team at ICCA and grow through new experiences. As passionate about food as she is about people, she believes that cultures though diverse across the globe; the one thing that holds common for nations and its folks, is that everyone loves a hearty meal prepared with love and care. Food according to her is the melting pot where all differences just vaporise and she is happy to be part of a culinary potpourri.

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