Colour me Beautiful


Summers all over the northern hemisphere and all the colours of nature are resplendently arrayed.

Celebrating guaranteed sunshine weather, upcoming holidays or special occasions? Good food, cakes and desserts made with love, care and respect for the ingredients, (and good quality food colours is one such ingredient!)  is the perfect way of bringing people together; they could be strangers seated in crowded restaurants or friends and family celebrating the summer.

Colours play a vital part in every aspect of life. As the fashion industry uses colour to bring out seasonal ranges, so does the world of food. Desserts and cakes use colour to create atmosphere. Colours personalise cakes and make them occasion specific by setting the tone and mood of the cake; for example if I were to say “Valentine’s cake”… what colour comes to mind? Or a Halloween cake? Or a cake for a baby shower for a girl or boy? Definite colour schemes come into play for all of the above!

Colours fill the form! They make projects and lives beautiful, and every colour has an underlying psychology behind it that holds the power to create moods¬≠ flooding an environment with positivity, creating serenity or giving the illusion of space and light or the reverse effect. Colour would alter perspectives dramatically if we lived in ‘black and white’- fortunately, we don’t! Understanding the psychology of colour and the part it plays in the world of cake decoration and design is one aspect of the theory covered in the sugar paste module.

So whether a colour is used in monochromatic or polychromatic schemes, triadic or analogous tints and shades, high contrast, low contrast, cool or warm colours, the possibilities are endless! We can create gastronomic showstoppers with them; making every task we undertake a colourful piece of cake!

Go on then, whether you write, paint on stones, walls, cakes or lives… carve gently and colour them beautiful!

Nasarene Dhanki

Ms. Nasarene has been teaching cake decorating in Dubai for well over 18 years and is a licensed instructor for the PME Knightsbridge School of Cake Decorating for Professional Diploma Courses in Sugar Crafting and Cake Decoration. Since the inception of PME, she has been attending the annual PME Instructors Seminar at the UK, to renew her license and to update herself with new market trends, materials and tools used for Cake Decorating.

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