Comfort Foods for the Fall


As we can see the weather is now slowly turning to cooler temperatures, it is time to take your slow cooker out to make some fall soups and stews to keep you warm and enjoy this cozy weather. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a bowl of warm hearty soup or a scrumptiously cheesy casserole on a chilly fall day?

From the classics to the modern comfort foods with twists, there is a lot we can discuss and get geared up to keep ourselves warm & comfy all the way through the cold season. Read on to get some interesting ideas to keep your fall meals easy and exciting.

Pumpkin/Squash Soup: Come fall and how can we not mention the pumpkin family? This season is popular for pumpkin and its cousins. A soup with a combination of pumpkin/squash, meat/vegetables, beans or the pumpkin alone with a hint of herbs and a dash of cream will make it an irresistible bowl of comfort.

Also, given the fact that pumpkin is rich in fiber, loaded with potassium, magnesium & iron and also an excellent source of vitamin A, K & C makes it a perfectly healthy choice for a cool autumn night.

Root Vegetable Soup: Cook up a medley of root vegetables to make a soothingly warm soup with carrot, sweet potato, potato, celery root, parsnips, turnips or even a combination of these where you can throw in some ginger or cheese to add that extra fall/winter flavor and warmth to the soup.

Casseroles: They have always been an easy dinner fix for winter nights. What could be easier than throwing everything together, stirring and baking? Fall or winter nights get too cozy and make you feel a little lazy to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals. For nights such as these, a warm dish of casserole with your favourite ingredients could come to the rescue.

Bacon & Pumpkin Pasta Casserole bringing all the fall flavours to the dinner table, traditional tuna casserole with a twist of cheese, and Brussels Sprouts with a decent amount of cheddar cheese & cream making a modern addition to the traditional casserole variety, are some of the popular casseroles we will see this season.

Roasts and Pies: If you notice, roasted veggies and meats are consumed more during the fall and winter time of the year, compared to the others. Convenience being one reason, roasting gives a comforting warmth and ease to the dinner.

Pies, be it sweet or savoury it has a homely feeling to it. Whether it is a short crust pastry or a flaky one the joy of biting into one is soothingly satisfying for a cold evening. Shepherd’s pie, Chicken Pot pie, and Spinach Ricotta pie are some of the commonly made savoury pies at home along with Apple pie, Berry pie and Pumpkin pie being on the sweeter side .


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