Egg – The All Rounder


An egg is a universal food for its nutritional value and also for the taste that appeals to everyone’s taste buds. The versatility in the preparation of eggs makes them a very popular breakfast choice among kids as well as adults. They are not just limited to the breakfast table but also play important roles in many other food preparations including baking.

Eggs are a wholesome food rich in several vital nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. One egg contains about 70-80 calories, 6 grams of proteins and vitamins, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 & Vitamin B12, which is a major contribution to our dietary requirements. Most of the Calcium and Iron content in an egg is found in its yolk, and almost 75% of the protein is found in the white called the albumen.

Given the nutritional facts, eggs qualify themselves as a power packed breakfast food. It is a proven thing that if you consume eggs for breakfast, you will feel fuller for longer compared to other foods, keeping your mid-morning hunger pangs away aiding in weight loss as well.

Earlier there had been a debate on the health aspects of regular egg consumption based on the cholesterol found in the egg yolks and the subsequent risk of heart disease. However, many studies conducted on the same concluded that the cholesterol is a good cholesterol and fat found in eggs does not affect the health of our heart adversely.

It would not be wrong to say that we would be doing ourselves a favour by including eggs in our diet on a regular basis without overdoing it. Again, anything that is good should also be consumed in moderation to get the best out of it.

As we already mentioned about the versatility in egg preparation, we cannot agree more to the fact that it is one of those simple foods that can help you cook the most humble breakfast dishes to sophisticated fine dining ones. To name a few; boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, omelette, poached, fried, sunny side up and a hundred other wide varieties of egg preparations can be seen from around the world. There are so many ways to cook an egg. Again, one of the main reasons why we love them so much.

Being a culinary school how can we not mention the vital role played by eggs when evaluating an aspiring chef. They say, the omelette making skill of an aspiring chef is one of those basic things that will tell you whether he/she has what it takes to be a chef because in the world of culinary arts a perfect classic omelette is all about techniques.

Do we need to say more? Let’s whisk it up to ensure our daily dose of health boost is going steady.

Shruti Raj

A simple writer, with hands on experience in Public Relations and Communications. An ardent lover of food with a natural flair for culinary arts, who loves to write anything and everything about food, with a career background of more than half a decade invested in various communication fields. Now being a part of ICCA Dubai Digital Marketing team, she intends to showcase her professional expertise in web & print content development and food photography, and adapt to learn more with the team.

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