Guest Blogger: Following your Passion by Nilofar Jamal

cakeIt has been almost 6 years since the baking bug has bitten me, as my hobby turned into passion, which eventually made me decide to enter the world of culinary school. My journey from an amateur cook to a pastry chef has been fruitful and although now everything has been set in motion, nothing would have happened to it if not for the help of my family, most especially my husband Saboor, my friends and particularly my best friend Meliza who has supported me and pushed me not once but constantly and making me take my first step towards achieving my dream. Since then, the goal has changed and to work even harder to set up a bigger role for myself.

At the moment, I run my sweet blog (@bake_bug) on Instagram and share my pastry creations and recipes; I also started my own private baking classes to all those who have a sugar obsession just like me.


I actually would have not started my  baking classes if it were not for my Mother-In-Law, it was her idea and she pushed me to the point of no return. Now, I take my private classes both in Dubai and Saudi. During my first class, I was very nervous, anxious and quite tensed and even doubted my ability to continue the class… but as they say, “nothing is impossible” and since then, my private classes has been doing extremely well. I try to make my class enjoyable, exciting, pleasant and most importantly, I make sure that the students are having fun learning what they love to do.

A typical class starts of with every student joining my class gets a “good bag” which is filled with amazing baking tools starter kits and supplies and upon completion, they get also get a certificate from me.

My classes are divided in modules where I teach different types of cakes from Tall Cakes inspired by one of my favorite instagram blogger Katherine Sabbath, Mirror Glaze Cakes and Hot & Cold Desserts.


The best part of my class begins when we get together to start to decorate the cakes and desserts. I can see the happiness on my student’s faces when they slowly see the cakes they make come around, and when they see the final look of the cake and that “proud” moment and satisfaction that they have done everything themselves. One of the most rewarding moments is when your students tag you with their creation and it gives a great sense of achievement that sometimes gets too difficult to express with words. Chocolate Dome Cakes

As a pastry chef, every time I set foot into my kitchen, I love to experiment and combine different flavors and give it with a twist. It’s always an adventure and a mystery to me. The kitchen is my laboratory where I can experiment and create magic. When I’m stressed, happy or sad… I bake. The kitchen is my favorite place in the world and I enjoy having to make cakes and desserts for my family and friends and absolutely love hearing their comments after they have tried my food as well.

I love reading books and I have a huge collection of pastry books and some of my favorite chefs are Antonio Bachour, Karim Bourgi, Darren Purchase, James Martin, Eric Lanlard and Adriano Zumbo.

Signing off in the hope that one day I become an inspiration to all those who are passionate about baking and have sugar obsession just like me.




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