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People love food and love the ones who can cook even more. However, having a career in a commercial kitchen was not much appreciated up until the chefs started coming into the limelight. Nowadays, stardom and fame are not limited to the entertainment industry alone. Anyone who is good enough to make an impact in their respective industry can have a share of the spotlight. The culinary industry is one of the leading industries that is ripe with opportunities if you have what it takes to become a celebrity chef.

As we know it, the concept of being a celebrity chef is mainly associated with television appearances, followed by self-authored cookbooks and other public appearances. If you look back, the chefs in the kitchen started getting attention from the outside world because of their unique style of cooking and the innovations they made in their kitchens.  Bartolomeo Scappi, Alexis Soyer, and Marie-Antoine Carême are a few of the prominent names in the history of culinary arts that became famous before the influence of television in our lives.

The earliest known television celebrity chef was Fanny Cradock on British television, who became popular in the 1950’s following the publication of her first cookbook. On American television, it was Julia Child who made a mark inspiring all the home cooks. Today, we have an endless list of celebrity chefs around us such as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, and Rachel Ray among others, who have motivated many to have a career in the culinary world.

It is not as difficult to become popular nowadays considering the boom in technology around us. Gone are the days when we had to depend only on the medium of television to know about someone. We are living in an era of the internet where the world is on our fingertips. We have social media platforms with a much wider reach that can eventually take you on to the television screen.

With such great mediums available, it is fairly easy to put yourself out there and get noticed. But the thing to understand is, that when things become this straightforward there is a greater need to know how to present oneself, or the chances of getting noticed become very feeble. Some people have a natural flair for it, even then in most of the cases, they wouldn’t know what exactly they should be doing in front of a camera to make things work in the right way.

Standing and talking in front of a camera could be intimidating for a beginner. Even if you did have the confidence, there are still so many technical details about your body language and vocal tones which if not done well, could blow up the opportunity. So how do you get better at it? One is by way of experience, learning through mistakes and mastering the techniques over time by practice. However, not everyone has that kind of patience and time. In a fast-paced life such as ours, proper planning and measures come in handy to get to our goals faster.

Talking of preparations, ICCA Dubai is a place where we leave no stones unturned when it comes to training and grooming students to get them equipped for the industry. And that includes getting them ready for the limelight as well. Yes, we are initiating a course where you get to learn all about performing for the camera. Whether you are a student or an executive chef, you can enroll in this course and take your career several notches higher.

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