Garlic – Nature’s Wonder Drug


Who would have thought that the pungent smelling garlic would have a day dedicated to it? And why not? According to the international food calendar, apparently anything that is edible has a day dedicated to celebrate it, so why not garlic which should be celebrated for the abundance of health benefits it has to offer.

It is surprising to know that the off-smelling garlic belongs to the wonderfully fragrant lily family. But that not-so-pleasant smell is only felt when it is raw; once the garlic is roasted the aroma is irresistibly appetizing. Its aroma is so captivating that it is extensively used in almost all the cuisines as a flavour booster. It is not only known for stimulating the food flavours but is also a powerful home remedy for many common ailments.

Garlic is a common ingredient available in every kitchen. From the ancient times, it has been a highly valued herbal medicine. In the middle ages, Europeans used to consume whole cloves of garlic to fight against the plague known as Black Death, and it has also been said that in Egypt during the construction of Great Pyramid of Giza, the workers used to eat garlic so as to increase their stamina.

The presence of Allicin, the sulphur compound that is found in fresh garlic has medicinal properties. It has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which are beneficial in the treatment and prevention of several diseases. Garlic has been credited with preventing cancers & heart diseases, lowering high blood pressure & cholesterol levels, building up the immune system and is also good for healthy hair & skin.

Other than the Allicin content, Garlic is a good source of protein, vitamin A, B-1 & C, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium & zinc, and it also contains 17 varieties of amino acids. It is recommended to be eaten fresh and raw to obtain the maximum benefits out of it especially if it is consumed as a medicine for a particular ailment. Otherwise, the regular use of it through your food is one of the ways to keep your system healthy.


Shruti Raj

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