The Warmth of Homemade Soups


Helping you get through the on and off cold fronts, soup is one of the most comforting foods there is. Don’t have too much time to invest in whipping up something elaborate? A super soup is an easy and delish option for you! Watching your weight? Line your stomach with an appetizing soup and you’ll tend to eat less!

February 4 is celebrated as National Homemade Soup Day to honour and celebrate The Soup! The roots of this day are yet waiting to be discovered. However, the history of soup is touted to be as old as cooking itself. Regional variants of soup like the Italian minestrone, New England chowder, Russian Borscht sour soup are also well-known. Some claim that the word ‘soup’ can be traced back to the word ‘suppa’ which means bread eaten with broth.

There are very few things like curling up with a warm bowl of homemade soup on a cold night! For all those who didn’t know, cold soups are also a thing! Ones like Gazpacho are a delicacy in different parts of the world to devour during the warmer climates. It has great scientific backing attributing to its medicinal properties of curing a cold and for slowing down the activity of white blood cells that can cause inflammation.

So honour the National Homemade Soup Day by preparing a Quick and Easy Chicken Taco Soup, Tangy Tomato Tortellini Soup or a Loaded Potato Soup with creamy cheese and jalapeno depending on whether you like it light or hearty. No rules… just make it how you like it, build flavours and savour the super soups.

There are some interesting ways you can make at home a steaming bowl of soup or a cold one for that matter. The ICCA Amateur courses can guide you to make the ones you tasted & loved and also get experimenting with the variants of your all-time favourites to relish and enjoy. Comforting, is all that I can say!

Shagufta Patel

With an academic background in Marketing, Shagufta is also an Image Advisor, Life-Skill Coach and a NLP practitioner with a penchant for writing. She intends to add value as part of the marketing team at ICCA and grow through new experiences. As passionate about food as she is about people, she believes that cultures though diverse across the globe; the one thing that holds common for nations and its folks, is that everyone loves a hearty meal prepared with love and care. Food according to her is the melting pot where all differences just vaporise and she is happy to be part of a culinary potpourri.

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