ICCA Chef Instructors Certified by Worldchefs


ICCA Dubai has witnessed several impressive achievements since its inception, and now it’s time to announce yet another significant milestone, gaining further recognition by the Worldchefs certification attained by the ICCA chef instructors, Chef Daniel Hiltbrunner as Master Chef and Chef Aziz Rajab as Executive Chef & Culinary Educator.

It is an overwhelming achievement for the chefs as they are the first in UAE to get certified by Worldchefs since the Worldchefs Congress was held in Greece, last year, where the Emirates Culinary Guild took the initiative to endorse the certification scheme among the chefs at all levels in the UAE Hospitality Industry.

Chef Daniel Hiltbrunner already being a Certified Judge by Worldchefs and Certified Master Chef by the Culinary Federation of Australia did not need much convincing about the benefits of this globally recognized certification. Soon after returning from the conference in Greece, he began with the formalities to become a certified Master Chef by Worldchefs.

Commenting on his certification, Chef Daniel Hiltbrunner said, “After getting certified as a Master Chef by Worldchefs there is a wonderful feeling of fulfilment. The journey so far has been incredible and this certification makes all the effort I have put throughout my professional life worthwhile. And now, as I am a culinary instructor at ICCA Dubai, I am sure this achievement will encourage and motivate my students as well as other chefs to work towards bigger and better aims”.

Chef Daniel was right; his preparations for the certification sure did motivate Chef Aziz Rajab to work towards his certification as the Executive Chef & Culinary Educator. After several years of industry experience in various countries including the US & the UAE, and 7 years of a teaching career at ICCA Dubai Chef Aziz decided to go for the certification with a passionate mind that’s looking forward to climbing many more culinary ladders.

“I am very excited and feel honoured to get certified by Worldchefs. It has really motivated me to work harder and aim for the next level where I would be able to deliver better than what I do today. Now, I am planning to prepare to become a certified Judge by Worldchefs and I don’t think I will ever stop trying to become my best version”, said Chef Aziz Rajab when asked about the certification.

The Worldchefs certification is the only and the highest level of global benchmark for the culinary industry created by Worldchefs, the global authority on food for culinary management, in association with City & Guilds, the world leader in skills development and quality assurance. The certification being the ultimate honour for the culinary professionals gives an added confidence and validation to the chefs that help them keep the momentum going.

For more information visit; https://www.worldchefs.org/Certification

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