Importance of Keeping Yourself Hydrated


We all know how important water is for our body and we drink it every day without giving any thoughts to the benefits it has to offer. No doubt, drinking water is a necessity but then knowing about its health benefits would make you want to drink more. Even though it is a much-preached fact, most of us still rely on other drinks just for the sake of its taste. Everyone knows that the human body is composed around  70% of water, but what we don’t realize is that this percentage of water is not enough to help our body from dehydration.

Dehydration is not a silly health issue to shrug it off. It affects your overall health. False hunger pangs, dry lips and skin, anxiety, bladder pain, kidney problems, constipation, weight gain,  fatigue, and tiredness are some of the health issues that you may have due to dehydration.

Most of us think that we drink enough water as we don’t feel that thirsty very often just because we  keep sipping on tea/coffee or soft drinks all day long. However, drinking water is not just about quenching your thirst, it is for your overall health too. It is advised to take a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water a day to help get the maximum out of it. Although, for many, it is not as easy as it sounds. Gulping down 8-10 glasses of water per day is not that comfortable for the ones who are not used to it. It is true that there’s no other drink better than water for your body. But to make it easier on your taste buds, keeping yourselves well hydrated can be done in much more interesting ways.


Alternate your water intake with fresh coconut water whenever possible, but avoid the tetra packed ones. Coconut water is rich in vitamins and minerals and is also known as the next best thing to water. It can not only help you keep hydrated but can also give an additional boost to your health.


Drink infused water to avoid the boredom in drinking plain water. You can infuse your water with citrus fruits, fresh mint leaves, spices like cinnamon, cumin, cardamom etc. which will give a delicious flavour to the plain water along with its nutritional benefits. Drinking infused water will automatically make you drink more water just because of the flavour in it. So, it’s a smart way to get adapted to drinking lots of water. Making fresh fruits and salads a part of your diet will also help keep your body hydrated.

When you increase the water intake you will see visible changes in you, both internally and externally. Increase energy levels, flush out the toxins, improves skin complexion, boosts the immune system, aids in weight loss and much more. Now that the summer is hitting hard on us there are more reasons to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and healthy.


Shruti Raj

A simple writer, with hands on experience in Public Relations and Communications. An ardent lover of food with a natural flair for culinary arts, who loves to write anything and everything about food, with a career background of more than half a decade invested in various communication fields. Now being a part of ICCA Dubai Digital Marketing team, she intends to showcase her professional expertise in web & print content development and food photography, and adapt to learn more with the team.

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