Lamb Cooked Two Ways


My inspiration to this dish came from my love for Moroccan Cuisine, where  dry fruits are very common in their cuisine. The combination and the technique of using dates and mustard together with lamb is a popular preparation in Moroccan cooking, and again lamb is highly popular in Europe too. Here in my preparation of lamb I have tried to bring the east and west together and the result is  a match made in heaven. The soft texture of lamb with the dates just melts in your mouth.

The date originally came from North Africa and the middle east and its use in gastronomy is no longer limited to just desserts but main course and entrée’s as well.

So why cook the lamb 2 ways? Some may ask. Well, here my preparation involves the traditional way and cooking by Sous Vide a method of molecular gastronomy– the application of scientific principles to the understanding and development of food preparation . This retains the natural succulent flavor and structure of lamb which cannot be obtained using traditional means.

For the traditional way of cooking I chose to pan sear the other lamb tenderloin with fresh herbs and garlic with butter to give that clarified butter aroma which is infused with garlic and the herbs  to give it a crispy texture.


For the Sous Vide Lamb

Ingredients             Quantity

Lamb Tenderloin        4pcs

Dates                              50gms

Grain mustard            3tblspn


  1.  Clean the tenderloin by removing all the connective tissues if needed.
  2. Cut the tenderloin in half / butterfly it and flatten with a meat hummer.
  3. In a robo coupe, blend the dates and grain mustard together to a smooth consistency.
  4. Spread the above mixture onto the flatten tenderloin and roll in a cling wrap, vacuum seal it and sous vide @ 55 degrees for  45 minutes ( or depending on the size of the tenderloin)

For the Pan Seared Lamb

 Ingredients         Quantity

Lamb tenderloin      2 pcs

Butter                         2tblspn

Fresh thyme              2-3 strings

Garlic                          2 cloves

Salt n pepper            AR


  1.  Roll the tenderloin in  cling wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours to retain shape.
  2. Unwrap the tenderloin and in a medium to high heat , sear off the tenderloin and add in the butter , garlic and thyme.
  3. Baste the lamb continuously to the required doneness and keep aside to rest.

For the Pumpkin Puree

Ingredients       Quantity

Pumpkin                 2500gms

Garlic                       2 cloves

Fresh Thyme          2-3 string

Milk                          50ml

Cooking cream       200ml


  1. Mix all the ingredients together and bring to a boil and cook till tender.
  2. Place in a robo coupe and blend to a smooth consistency.
  3. Adjust seasoning and set aside.

For the Jus

Ingredients        Quantity

Red wine                 100ml

cinnamon stick     1stick

Star anise               1pc

Mint leaf                 3 pcs

Lamb stock            250ml


  1.  Reduce the red wine , cinnamon stick and star anise to 1/3 .
  2. Add the mint.
  3. De-glace with the lamb stock and reduce to half adjusting the seasoning.



Aziz Rajab

Chef Aziz is a professional chef, trainer & passionate Saucier, who completed his training at the Escoffier Hotel School in Nairobi. He has not only achieved a tall order of success in his career as chef in the Hospitality Industry but also managed to touch the lives of keen learners as a Chef trainer. He believes perfection is attainable and makes sure its at the heart of his cooking, leading him to have a sharp eye for detail. The Kitchen is his home as his comfort with food transcends onto the plate.

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