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Cakes and its simple to intricate forms of decorations are always fascinating to look at. The art is so real that it leaves you in awe and wonder making it difficult to believe that what you are seeing can be eaten too!

Sugarcraft is a creative art where shapes and designs are sculpted out of sugar-based mediums. It is not something everyone can manage to do on their own unless you have a knack for it. But, even for the ones who can handle a few designs by themselves learning the techniques and practising can make you a pro in it.

Sugarcraft is an art that entirely relies on forms and designs. To master the art, you should have in-depth knowledge about the combination of colours, texture and shape. This can be acquired only with proper guidance, training, experience and practice. You can always learn to make some of the basic models, but having a considerable amount of artistic skill can take your designs to a whole new level with fresh and interesting patterns.

Today cakes come in all shapes and sizes. You ask for it and you will get a cake done in any way you want it to be in. The innovative cake patterns that are being made nowadays will never cease to amaze you. I recently saw a picture of a wedding cake in the form of a 5’5″ ┬átall mannequin dressed in a wedding gown as a replica of the bride. Now, this kind of work could only be conjured up out of complete imagination and artistry and then recreated into with the acquired technical knowledge in sugarcraft. The options are endless in the world of sugar and cakes; with a little wing to your creative mind and agility in your fingers, you can give shape to anything with sugar.

Sugarcraft is not just one technique or method that is applied in making a cake look incredibly beautiful. There are so many different types, categories, tools and techniques to learn in the art that will help you bring the best of your ideas into reality leaving you a pro in cake decorating.

Shruti Raj

A simple writer, with hands on experience in Public Relations and Communications. An ardent lover of food with a natural flair for culinary arts, who loves to write anything and everything about food, with a career background of more than half a decade invested in various communication fields. Now being a part of ICCA Dubai Digital Marketing team, she intends to showcase her professional expertise in web & print content development and food photography, and adapt to learn more with the team.

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