Lifestyle Cooking for the Winters


With the temperatures dropping down, let your cooking skills only lift up. Afterall winters are not just about being cocooned in warm clothes but also keeping yourself toasty through your cooking and eating habits. Think hearty casseroles and warming stews!

The season is all about loving anything that gets slow-cooked, roasted or baked for maximum coziness. Soups can be winter’s perfect food. Pair them with whole grain crackers to reap some great health benefits. Keep it out and warm with a Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Soup.

You can also bring in the season with a fresh Honeyed Winter Salad. Use up winter vegetables and don’t forget to add the crunch! You also do a Luscious Lazy Slow-Cooker Lasagna or spoil yourself with a Cheeseburger Spaghetti Pie.

It is said that during winter since you have limited exposure to the sun, food sources involving bone-healthy vitamins become all the more important. Choosing rich sources of Vitamin D helps. A healthy sushi is the word! Learn to make Sushi as a novel culinary experience this new year.

Incorporate Macadamia Nuts in your diet which is a healthy and tasty option. With the gourdy goodness, the winter squash is another healthy, inexpensive and best way to add seasonal flavour! You could do a Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto or Butternut Squash Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting.

Winter sickness could be another issue during this chilly time of the year. But you can always get that steaming glass of turmeric milk which will keep your body warm during winter. Just a shot to keep winter sickness away!

So, move over the mainstream hot chocolate and innovate winter cooking. The Lifestyle Cooking Classes at ICCA could just be the answer to all your winter willies!

Shagufta Patel

With an academic background in Marketing, Shagufta is also an Image Advisor, Life-Skill Coach and a NLP practitioner with a penchant for writing. She intends to add value as part of the marketing team at ICCA and grow through new experiences. As passionate about food as she is about people, she believes that cultures though diverse across the globe; the one thing that holds common for nations and its folks, is that everyone loves a hearty meal prepared with love and care. Food according to her is the melting pot where all differences just vaporise and she is happy to be part of a culinary potpourri.

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