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The entertainment Industry plays a big role in moulding our interests and hobbies to sometimes even our careers. And, the culinary world is one such industry that has gained a lot of attention after it has been highlighted in the showbiz through various food shows and movies. We can’t deny the fact that being in the kitchen was not a much-fancied career choice for most of them in the earlier days even if they had an interest in cooking. But today things have changed, thanks to the media for taking the culinary industry to a whole new level, where it is considered as a pretty fancy profession for the food enthusiasts.

On that note, today we are here with a list of movies and food shows that are based on food, cooking, baking, chefs and even some memorable food scenes that could trigger the foodie in you.


The movie ‘Chef’ tells you the story about a head chef taking up a food truck after giving up on his fancy restaurant job because of a controlling owner that comes in the way of his creativity. The most drool-worthy food scene in the movie is where he prepares the cheese sandwich for his son along with other mentionable scenes such as the pasta preparation for Scarlett and also when they taste the smoked meat. The movie also shows the importance of social media in the food business, especially for start-ups.

Julie & Julia

The movie is the film adaptation of the book ‘Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen’ by Julie Powell based on her own blog ‘The Julie/Julia Project’, where she posted about her attempt to cook all the recipes from Julia Child’s cookbook- Mastering the Art of French Cooking. From the beginning to the end it’s a splendid gastronomical journey where an amateur tries her best to cook one recipe from the book for 365 days in her limited spaced kitchen. It has also inspired many aspiring food bloggers or to say it gave a new dimension to food blogging itself. There are many memorable scenes in this movie and it’s difficult to pick just a few.

The 100-foot journey

It is about an extra – ordinarily talented and self-taught culinary novice and how he grows to a celebrated professional chef in France who is displaced from his native India along with his family and settles down in a French village where they start an Indian eatery which is only 100 feet away from a well acclaimed and sophisticated French restaurant. Although there are many appetizing scenes in the movie, my favourite is the omelette making scene by Hassan with his secret box of Indian spices that he inherited from his mother.

David Rocco’s Dolce Vita/India

David Rocco is not a chef but he’s a food and cooking enthusiast who learned to cook simple and delicious Italian dishes from his mother and started this television food series called David Rocco’s Dolce Vita where he travels around Italy and explores Italian cuisine and attempts those recipes by himself. It’s not one of those usual cookery shows that you see on TV, it’s more about exploring the Italian culture and lifestyle through food. Other than Dolce Vita he has such series with different places among which is Dolce India where he travels around India to try & learn about foods of Indian household and their flavour to incorporate them in an authentic Italian dish.

Baking Good, Baking Bad

A mouth watering dessert show hosted by Harry Eastwood, a British-born pastry chef and cookbook author whose adopted home is Paris, the city of love and food. It is an interesting series where she takes inspiration from walking into traditional French bakeries and biting into delectable French classic desserts & pastries to try at home for her friends and colleagues who visit her often. More than learning a French dessert in every other episode the other good part about this show is that you will get to see the local bakeries in Paris and their delicacies.


Who doesn’t remember this 90’s favourite and evergreen TV series that revolves around six friends and their lives, in a humorous background? For the ones who think that this show is mentioned here by mistake, let me tell you that although the series is all about fun and laughter it had a lot to do with food as well in a subtle but good enough way to trigger the foodie in you. Every season of this show had a Thanksgiving episode with a splendid spread of typical American dinner by Chef Monica who is madly in love with food. It never failed to show how important sandwich is to Joey, and the way he explains how to make a good sandwich is quite tempting. Again, you will always find them at the Central Perk coffee shop sipping coffee and fighting over muffins. And oh, how can we forget Chandler’s Thanksgiving dinner Mac n Cheese and Rachel’s English Beef Trifle?

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