New Year Resolution Ideas for Foodies


As the clock marked the end of another glorious year by yesterday midnight, the holiday season has also come to an end, which seemed like a foodie’s heyday. Now that it’s New Year it doesn’t have to mean that you should make boring resolutions such as going for a low-fat or fruit & veggie diet considering that’s the healthy way to go about food. Instead of going for the typical ‘being healthy’ diet resolutions and leaving it half way through, here are some ideas that you can work out to make this year’s culinary adventure interesting.

Try something new

Our sense of culinary adventure has grown so much that it has become easier to get hold to ingredients and food that we are not very familiar with on a regular basis. Next time you go for your grocery-shopping pick something that you have never tried before and try incorporating the same into your daily meals to play around with new flavours. The same goes for restaurant hopping as well. Try new cuisines and foods whenever you get a chance. Just keep an open mind and curious taste buds, and that’s all you need.

Give it a face-lift

When we try new ingredients & cuisines we are exposed to more flavours and combinations. For a foodie, it is only natural to link it back to any of the familiar tastes that they are used to. So, why not give that familiar flavour a tweak in your own style and see what good can come out of it? Go with your instincts and play with the ingredients. As a foodie there are very less chances of you messing it up since your taste buds are well experienced with a wide a range of flavours and combinations. You never know, you might end up surprising yourself.

Keep It Healthy- But with flavours

Although the fitness freaks swear by eating healthy, we cannot deny the fact that healthy food has a bad reputation among the foodies. One thing we need to understand is that healthy doesn’t always mean tasteless and we can eat healthy without sacrificing on fun foods. There are plenty of ingredients available that are packed with flavours such as lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, sriracha, herbs, ginger, garlic etc. when added to food will elevate the overall taste of the food without adding those extra calories. Also, you can try different cooking methods such as steaming, smoking, boiling etc. to keep your healthy eating routine appealing.

Culinary Tourism

Most of us go for a vacation at least once in a year. This time as a foodie why not plan for a culinary adventure trip? Plan your trip to places where they have so many varieties to offer that you will not find on a restaurant table. Eat from places in the most authentic way as the natives there do. Once you go on a trip like that trust me you would start enjoying food on another level. It is an experience everyone should try at least once in a year.

Join a culinary school

Whether it’s eating or cooking you have been trying out all kind of foods for a very long time now, and if, the more you try makes you feel it’s not enough, then it’s time to get professional. May be this is the year you should consider making a career out of your passion for food. Culinary school training could possibly help you figure out a satisfying and foodilicious career for your future. Who knows, it could be the best decision you ever make!

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