Our job is to see beyond

I was driving up to Abu Dhabi and listening to the radio, hits from the 80’s and 90’s, which I used to listen to during my teen age years. At that time I did not understand English, but the music, the top artist voices connected to the unknown words and pretending you were lip-synching that wow-wow so called trendy music. Now! I understand those words and enjoy the music, a revival of what was before and the present, bring me to the understanding that I was not far from that dream. I was already imagining what was behind that mystic wall, hidden by trends and now I experience IT!.

A Chef Instructor’s job is to see beyond those barriers and accompany the students following their dreams to the right door opening in that particular wall. The trends are set apart, as reality knocks at the door! Communicating food knowledge is certainly a fantastic opportunity to let people dream – but not all salts are meant for cooking, if you understand what I mean.

To say so, I am certain that the new generation of Chefs have an easier way of communicating to the audience, but still, being a Chef Instructor is the best job, where the past comes along to the future; hand in hand, instructors and students are connected to the same purpose in a face to face communication. Chef instructors become story tellers of the real farm-to-fork, following detailed anecdotes starting from those songs without meaning, but with beautiful melodies and explaining the meaning of the words towards complete appreciation, are more important than having a status or to be a celebrity.

At ICCA we follow a structured curriculum, pushing the students to the limit by showing how passionate we are to succeed together. Our job is to see beyond, and sincerely speaking, we (the teachers) are proud to give an opportunity to our younger generation; ICCA is a beautiful career opener for the passionate individual, with a thirst for knowledge and readiness to learn from real life story tellers, seeing beyond the mystic wall of real life.


Francois Giussani

Chef Francois has a Hospitality degree from the prestigious École Hôteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland. He is a Polyglot and globetrotter, visited and worked all around Europe, Middle East (Qatar,Saudi Arabia and UAE), South East Asia (Malaysia and Philippines), Central America (Mexico) and South America (Peru). He has extensive track record of multidisciplinary experience within the F&B industry, opening projects within healthcare catering services such as Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (UAE), Prince Court Medical Centre (MY), SAAD Specialist Hospital (KSA) and hospitality operation with Four Season, Sheraton and Swissôtel, to mention. In the late 90"s he has been Chef trainer at the St. Ignacio de Loyola, Lima-Peru enjoying teaching with dedicated passion; he has developed his career as hands on leader, working in gen-blend culture and multi-ethnic environment and cuisines, fostering the development of talent ambassadors, following the same philosophy at ICCA. His strength are not only limited to the kitchen, but as well in front of the house operation, being innovative and developing new techniques within standards with latest trends, respecting local traditions, delicacies and balance it in very unique styles. He is a 360° F&B Consultant mastering lean management with systematic approaches, as well promoting safety first improving quality of life by giving people the skills to make correct and safe choices.

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