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From machining engineers to Educators recognised around the world for innovation, quality and dedication to education in Sugarcraft, with over 50 years of Excellence.

As a PME instructor certifying students with the PME module completion certificates and Masters, I have often been asked what PME stands for. Historically PME and JEM come from an engineering background and it is that knowledge and expertise that has ensured quality and innovation in design.

PME: Precision Machining Engineers, established in 1956, designed and manufactured a wide range of bespoke products from cigar cutters for Harrods to military equipment for the British Army. When coming  to quality, PME has always enjoyed a reputation as ‘best-in-class’, a major advantage that helped secure lucrative contracts post WWII with the British Army catering corps to manufacture cake decoration equipment, sowing the seeds for the company’s future.

Realising the growth potential in the demand for such equipment, PME devoted its expertise to the production of high quality cake decorating equipment  and with trained instructors, made it the ‘must have’ brand for most Industry Professionals.

To share its extensive knowledge of Cake decorating, highly talented teachers, authors and judges were launched internationally to help provide quality education in this field, by  PME approved  instructors in over 50 countries around the World.

You can avail of that instruction and expertise from a PME instructor here at the ICCA  Sugarcraft  Studio . Turning every project you undertake into a  piece of Cake!

Nasarene Dhanki

Ms. Nasarene has been teaching cake decorating in Dubai for well over 18 years and is a licensed instructor for the PME Knightsbridge School of Cake Decorating for Professional Diploma Courses in Sugar Crafting and Cake Decoration. Since the inception of PME, she has been attending the annual PME Instructors Seminar at the UK, to renew her license and to update herself with new market trends, materials and tools used for Cake Decorating.

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