Ramadan Series for Food Post: Lamb Ouzi by Chef Aziz Rajab

This recipe taken from the kitchens of the famous BOCA restaurant in DIFC, Chef Aziz Rajab added his personal touch and delighted us all with this amazing Lamb Ouzi.


2 kg Fresh labneh
150 ml Corn oil
100 gms Tomato paste
Salt to taste
White Pepper to taste
20 gms Ginger powder
20 gms Cardamom powder
20 gms Turmeric powder
10 gms Saffron

For oriental rice
2 kg White rice
10 kg Chopped garlic
50 gms Ghee
1 kg Minced lamb
200 gms Onion, chopped
Salt to taste
10 gms White pepper
20 gms Seven spices
5 pieces Whole cardamom
4 pieces Cinnamon sticks

Method of Preparation

For lamb ouzi

Marinade Mix

  • In a mixing bowl place the fresh labneh, corn oil, tomato paste, salt, white pepper, ginger powder, cardamom powder, turmeric powder and saffron.
  • Mix thoroughly until the ingredients are combined well.
  • Clean the lamb and place in a container then add the marinade to it.
  • Allow to marinate for at least 8 hours.
  • Place in a new container, add 2 liters of water in the container and cover with aluminum foil, place the container in the oven and cook for 4 hours at 260 degree.
  • The meat should become a reddish /brown color.

For oriental rice

  • First put the rice in the bowl and keep for half hour in the hot water.
  • In a hot cooking pot place the ghee, cinnamon stick, whole cardamom, chopped onion, chopped garlic, minced lamb, and stir the ingredients well
  • Add white pepper, seven spices, salt and mix for 3 minutes until the ingredients are combined well
  • Strain the rice and mix with the ingredients for 4 minutes, and add hot water and cover
  • Put the pot on slow fire for 20 minutes until the rice is cooked
  • After cooking serve in big plate adding the ouzi on top of the rice and garnish with fried mix nuts.


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Aziz Rajab

Chef Aziz is a professional chef, trainer & passionate Saucier, who completed his training at the Escoffier Hotel School in Nairobi. He has not only achieved a tall order of success in his career as chef in the Hospitality Industry but also managed to touch the lives of keen learners as a Chef trainer. He believes perfection is attainable and makes sure its at the heart of his cooking, leading him to have a sharp eye for detail. The Kitchen is his home as his comfort with food transcends onto the plate.

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