Rice – The Most Frowned Upon Healthy Staple


Rice is a global staple food and is the world’s leading food crop too. There is hardly any cuisine in the world that doesn’t have dishes made of rice as a main course meal. It is a wonderfully versatile food crop that could made into a comfort food as well as a classy dessert too. For people who depend on rice as their staple food it is the main source of calories for them. Despite these plus points, rice is much maligned and have a bad reputation among the fitness junkies.

Rice is a hub of complex carbohydrates for which it has been looked down by the fitness industry. But what they haven’t noticed is that rice has a fair source of protein, vitamins, and minerals and the best thing is, it is fat, gluten and cholesterol free which makes it a healthy deal. It is good for people with digestion problems and it contains all the essential amino acids too.


In Ayurveda, the world’s oldest holistic healing system, they use rice-based diets in treating various body imbalances which implies rice has medicinal properties too. It is a myth set by the dietitians that eating rice will make you gain weight. Recent studies have proven that if taken in moderation, rice even accelerates fat burning.    


According to the records there are approximately 40,000 varieties of rice crops been cultivated around the world. That implies almost more than half of the world population depends on rice crop as one of their main foods. Isn’t that itself is proof that rice is a healthy staple? There are various regional varieties that are highly nutritious and makes a healthy diet when taken in moderation.

The dishes made of rice are undoubtedly delectable, and some of the regional popular varieties include Mandi from the Middle East, Biriyani from India, the Italian Risotto, Paella from Spain and the Asian favourite NasiGoreng. Try to incorporate more varieties of rice dishes to add more flavours to your everyday diet.  

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