Shrimp cocktail salad with mandarin dressing


Prawns (peeled & cooked)                              200 gms
Iceberg lettuce (washed & shredded)           50 g
Mandarin Cocktail sauce                                100 mm
Poaching liquid
Water                                                              500 ml
Onion                                                              50 g
Celery                                                              25 g
Leeks                                                               25 g
Bayleaf                                                            2 no
Peppercorns                                                  8-10 no
Salt                                                                  1 1/2 tsp
Vinegar                                                           1 tbsp

Marinated oranges
Orange slices                                                   6-8
Fresh orange juice                                          1 no
Star anise                                                         2 no


Place the orange slices in a ziplock bag with orange juice and staranis. Rest in chiller for 20 to 30 min.

Bring all the ingredients of the poaching liquid to a boil. Then lower the heat to the extent that there is no visible bubbling in the water.

Place the prawns in the poaching liquid for 6-8 min until done.

Remove and chill.

Mix the cooked prawns with the cocktail sauce and reserve

Place the marinated orange on the plate, top with shredded lettuce and then the prawn cocktail.

Garnish with Dill or chives

Mandarin Cocktail Sauce  

Mayonnaise                                        125 gm
Tomato ketchup                                  25 ml
Worcestershire sauce                           1 tbsp
Cayenne pepper                                  1 tsp.
Lemon juice                                        few drops
Garlic minced                                      a pinch

Mix all the ingredients together.

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Ashwini Kumar

Chef Ashwini is a Worldchefs & City and Guilds certified culinary educator, with over a decade of experience as a chef, and as a culinary instructor / trainer. With bachelors in hospitality management, the realms of the culinary industry are intensely explored into. Harboring exceptional motivation & passion in the field, paired with proven track record of culinary ability & creativity, attention to detail. The forte now being, but not limited to, international cuisine, patisserie, bread making, artisan gelato making & training, sous vide cooking, and cook chill cooking. Being a culinary educator for a continual period of time, there is consequential specialty in, culinary training, in the creation and assessment of course / training programme and course content. Momentous ability to mentor and guide students.

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