Shrimp Dim Sum in a seasoned broth




Dim sum

Shrimps (cleaned & minced): 3 nos.

Ginger (chopped): ¼ tsp

Garlic (chopped): ¼ tsp

Scallions (chopped): 1 tsp

Soya sauce: 1 tsp

Sesame oil: 2 tsp

Wonton wrappers: 6 nos.

Egg (beaten): 1 no.


White clear chicken stock: 500 ml

Shrimp (deveined & cleaned): 4 nos.

Soya sauce: 2 tsp

Carrot (julliene): 15 gm

String beans (julliene): 15 gm

Bok choy (chiffonade): 2 leaves

Tofu (small batons): 10 gm

Scallions (julliene): 1 tsp

Red Chili flakes: ½ tsp



  1. Warm up half of the sesame oil and add the ginger and garlic and toast for a minute. Cool down and add the minced shrimp, season with soya sauce and saute in a slow heat. Take off the heat and cool down.
  2. Take the stock in a sauce pan and skim regularly to clarify. Strain through a muslin cloth to free it from the sediments.
  3. Poach the cleaned shrimps for a short while and keep aside.
  4. Add the remaining cut components (red chili, carrots, beans, bok choy and tofu with soya) in the serving bowls. Combine well.
  5. Take the wrappers and lay them on the table. Apply beaten egg and spread, keep a small amount of the filling in the square wrap and stick the opposite ends together. Cringe the sealed edges to give the dim sum an oval shape.
  6. Bring some water to boil in a sauce pan, add soya sauce and the some sesame oil. Bring it to boil. Arrange a bamboo steamer which comfortably sits on the sauce pan. Grease the bottom of the steamer and gently place the wrapped dim sums (apart from each other) and cook in turns to cook all of them.
  7. Place the stock on a boil and pour the boiling stock into the bowls containing all the ingredients. Keep covered for about 3 minutes to infuse.
  8. Add the steamed dim sums in the bowl, add scallions and serve hot.

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