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Cook Up a Career

  Most of us cook to satisfy our hunger while for some the gastronomic wonders of the food travel all the way from the…

Food Trends 2017

Food Trends for 2017

Move over kale, obsessively-decorated smoothie bowls and the calorie-laden monster-shakes. The global food trends for 2017 is going to be everything 2016 was not!…


Know Your Herbs

Fresh herbs are readily available in every good supermarket, so as a foodie, cook or chef you should get to know your herbs as well as learn how to cook with them.


Grilled Gourmet

  It is with the grill that the fat cooks off, meat retains its nutrients, food tastes more appetising, and mealtimes get downright fantastic!…


The passion to Train

  To impart knowledge on a continual basis is quite a challenge, especially for one to take up but it comes from an innate…


Becoming a Professional Chef

  “Cooking is like Love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at  all.” Harriet Van Horne Passion, Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, Perfection…