The Art of Authentic Artisan Italian Pizza making


Pizza is an Italian piece of art loved by the world.  It is food best described as a comfort delicacy. It became hugely popular all over the world when the F&B industry took a fast food approach to this Italian masterpiece. The pizza trend soon caught on fire, and everyone around the world loved it. It became the next big thing in the culinary industry and is still reigning supreme in the fast food industry.

A pizza is a pizza, no matter what shape and size it comes in. For us, it’s the perfect oozy-gooey mouth-watering slice of heaven. However, recently there has been a slight fall in the demand for pizzas made in the popular fast-food pizzerias because of the sudden interest in Artisan Pizza.


These days, people prefer artisan pizza to the regular ones. The term ‘Artisan’ is not new to us we are all familiar with it. But what exactly does this term has to do with pizza? An artisan is a skilled person with an in-depth knowledge of a particular trade that involves a lot of handcraft skills. Now when you associate this term with pizza it only means a pizza that is handcrafted by someone who possesses a thorough knowledge of the techniques of pizza making.


Artisan pizza is all about flavours, freshness and handpicked ingredients. From kneading the dough to baking the pizza in a wood fire oven, every procedure in the pizza making is done by skilled hands, just like the authentic Italian way of pizza making.

People like to taste the authenticity and tradition, more than a slice of fast-food loaded with unwanted calories. Today, most of the pizzerias are adapting to this traditional method of pizza making to provide pizza in its most authentic way. This sudden interest has shown ways for many entrepreneurs to ICCA Dubai’s Artisan Pizza Making Program. And we are glad that our program could help build many successful stories of such pizzerias.

Whether you want to be a successful entrepreneur of a traditional pizzeria or you simply want to bring the authentic taste of Italy to your home, learning it the traditional way is the best way to experience the authenticity of Italian food culture.


Shruti Raj

A simple writer, with hands on experience in Public Relations and Communications. An ardent lover of food with a natural flair for culinary arts, who loves to write anything and everything about food, with a career background of more than half a decade invested in various communication fields. Now being a part of ICCA Dubai Digital Marketing team, she intends to showcase her professional expertise in web & print content development and food photography, and adapt to learn more with the team.

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