The Kitchen Evolution In 7 Principles

Beginning from primitive times when man discovered fire and thus began the journey of cookery, to now where the Chefs are slowly moving towards creating that special kitchen evolution hand in hand with science, the kitchen is one place that is constantly evolving.

The Chef’s responsibility is to be the Key of Healthy Food that he serves to his guests. Listed below are 7 principles that every chef follows to create a meal that is as robust as it is delectable.

  1. The More & Less factors

Intake more of the good nutrients for our body growth and reduce intake of those which are bad to our health. The “More” and healthy nutrients can be found in vegetables, fruits, legumes, beans, healthy cereals, fish and poultry. The “Less” food are mainly found in butter, fats or frying oils, candies and chocolates, soft drinks, ice creams and milkshakes, dairy products, eggs, wholegrain pasta, most of the red meats.


  1. Right quantities

A Chef should know the proper portioning of what an individual should eat as a fundamental part for human body metabolism, as taking more than what is needed, would not burn if not coupled with proper activities.


  1. Preparation and cooking methods

Food scientists treat the cutting, slicing, chopping and washing of fresh vegetables as procedures that stress and wound the cells of the plants. Nutrients are lost during any of these steps, even before cooking; one of the most crucial is washing a cut raw material, such as vegetables or fruits. This would mean washing away all nutrients together with dirt, as a result of poor culinary practice.


  1. Correct pairing

The ABC of culinary gastronomy tells that color, texture, taste and shape are the most crucial rules when pairing foods in a menu. Chefs are very attentive and creative while preparing those menus. But there is more to that… combining the food in a plate is a simple way to help the digestive process with efficient assimilation of the nutrients, having more beneficial influence on the body’s energy levels.


  1. Variety

Varieties of foods are now available 365 days a year. Organic food market and selection are growing. People are more diversified on their eating habits. This simply means plenty of opportunities given to the chef to plan and prepare more creative menus, balancing healthy ingredients.


  1. Tradition

Each one has knowledge taken from the ancestor and childhood memories that influence our mind and direct us to that special experience when it comes to selecting a dish. Cultural traditions enhance a Chef’s culinary skills with techniques passed on through generations.



Francois Giussani

Chef Francois has a Hospitality degree from the prestigious École Hôteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland. He is a Polyglot and globetrotter, visited and worked all around Europe, Middle East (Qatar,Saudi Arabia and UAE), South East Asia (Malaysia and Philippines), Central America (Mexico) and South America (Peru). He has extensive track record of multidisciplinary experience within the F&B industry, opening projects within healthcare catering services such as Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (UAE), Prince Court Medical Centre (MY), SAAD Specialist Hospital (KSA) and hospitality operation with Four Season, Sheraton and Swissôtel, to mention. In the late 90"s he has been Chef trainer at the St. Ignacio de Loyola, Lima-Peru enjoying teaching with dedicated passion; he has developed his career as hands on leader, working in gen-blend culture and multi-ethnic environment and cuisines, fostering the development of talent ambassadors, following the same philosophy at ICCA. His strength are not only limited to the kitchen, but as well in front of the house operation, being innovative and developing new techniques within standards with latest trends, respecting local traditions, delicacies and balance it in very unique styles. He is a 360° F&B Consultant mastering lean management with systematic approaches, as well promoting safety first improving quality of life by giving people the skills to make correct and safe choices.

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