The Knightly Knife


Being a phenomenal cook is not merely about whipping up food that looks and tastes out of the ordinary, but also mastering ways and techniques of simplifying the process of cooking. From creative solutions to quick fixes, ingenious cooking tricks can make you the kitchen super-genie.

Since every kitchen by default has to make use of a knife, here are three knife tips that will surely make you feel like a kitchen pro.

1)Try slicing a cake and you’ll know that very often the blade sticks to the layer of cake causing it to tear. The hack is resting your knife in a hot jug of water in between the slicing which gives you the perfect segment. After the blade heats up, wipe it down with a piece of cloth to cleave another slice. The heated blade keeps those airy layers intact and works well on denser desserts.

2) Slicing also happens to be one of the easiest ways to serve stubborn ice cream. Most of us will acknowledge the fact that using a spoon or a scooper on hard-rock ice-cream will either give you a bent spoon or a twisted wrist. The knife again is the answer to this dilemma. You could turn the pint of the ice cream to its side and cut a slice from the bottom.  The slicing trick also works well on quartz of ice cream so it doesn’t matter even if you have to serve a number of people.

3)Fresh garlic is definitely better than bottled paste. Now with just a knife and a pinch of salt you can make garlic paste that has an even smoother texture and a much better flavour. To peel simply crush the clove with the side of your knife, give your garlic a rough chop, then sprinkle it with a pinch of salt. Now applying a little pressure with the flat side, squish, mince and repeat a couple of times and there you have it – the divine garlic paste.

ICCA is a school that believes that great chefs also have to be smart cooks!

Shagufta Patel

With an academic background in Marketing, Shagufta is also an Image Advisor, Life-Skill Coach and a NLP practitioner with a penchant for writing. She intends to add value as part of the marketing team at ICCA and grow through new experiences. As passionate about food as she is about people, she believes that cultures though diverse across the globe; the one thing that holds common for nations and its folks, is that everyone loves a hearty meal prepared with love and care. Food according to her is the melting pot where all differences just vaporise and she is happy to be part of a culinary potpourri.

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