The passion to Train


To impart knowledge on a continual basis is quite a challenge, especially for one to take up but it comes from an innate need to share. Be it thoughts, insights, knowledge or a specific subject itself. Training requires a bent of mind that calls for a tremendous character, resolve and deep understanding of a subject or collection of them.

Having said that, does it always mean that training is imparting? Perhaps not. A great trainer will also be a great listener and he or she will look to engage with the people he has the responsibility or commitment to share his views on.

How often have we walked into a training session and within moments wanted to run in a different direction!? This has happened to all of us. On the other hand, there have been some training that we have gone to with little or no interest and the outcome of those training’s have been simply great.

A trainer holds the key to the knowledge but the tact he or she uses in getting the information across is key. For instance, at ICCA, we focus on an ‘engaging’ approach to training that benefits not just the students the trainers too. This is done by allowing the training to be a ‘conversation’ that leads to the imparting of knowledge and that combined with practical application makes all the difference, adding great value not just to the student but to the trainer as well.

At some point in all our lives, we have to impart knowledge and it is at this time that we must look to show great passion in how we communicate. Because remember, the greater the passion, the greater the learning.




The core team here consists of individuals who are highly motivated, dedicated and with a keen eye for detail to ensure qulaity delivery. ICCA Dubai stays true to its mission and remains committed to providing the opportunity for its students to realize their dreams through applied knowledge and the hands on approach here ensures that our students are given personalized attention to help achieve their very best. The laurels and achievements of our students are a testimony of our absolute commitment.

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