The Rise of Smart Hotels

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There is simply no doubt that we are all living in a technologically advanced era. But then would you be interested in getting welcomed at a Hotel Lobby by a Robot Dinosaur? Surprised? Well don’t be, I am talking about the Smart Hotels that are already here.

When the tech manufacturers were busy entertaining us with introducing all possible kinds of smart electronics in to the market, some just went overboard with their thoughts & ideas, taking the word ‘SMART’ to a whole new dimension. Yes, they just made a Hotel entirely robotized.

A fully Robotized Hotel concept has been made into reality by none other than the Masters of Electronics manufacturing, Japan. Apart from the dinosaur receptionist, you will also find robots as workers in and around the Hotel. They all communicate well and are very courteous towards the Guests or to put it in the right way they are all well programmed to be like that. Not just this, you also get to have a small Robot all to yourself in your room, to help you with answering simplest of queries about time, weather etc., apart from other helping in other ways too.

The concept of a Hotel run by Robots was implemented to help reduce the manual labor, so that humans could concentrate more on their creative strives. Here technology has no doubt gone beyond the skies, just imagine if this kind of concept got widely accepted, then I wonder what would be the future of the Hospitality Industry?

Not only that to what levels emotional disconnection we would  all be putting ourselves into with the over addition of more smart gadgets  in to our lives. If Robots and more Smart Gadgets were going to become the future of Hospitality Industry, then it no longer would be anything about Hospitality, which is actually all about that human touch!

Modern technology is definitely a blessing to mankind but then in moderation. As the saying goes “Anything is good in moderation but too much of anything is nothing but your destruction”.

On that note, let us strive to keep the spirit of our Hospitality Industry alive in its very traditional form, with people and their warmth, care and service with a smile.

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