The Sugar Spring Fair



Spring is upon us and mother earth simply waits to burst into  her full bloom.

We at the ICCA Sugarcraft Studio humbly attempt to copy the ultimate Master Crafter, to produce flowers from sugar with as much botanical detail and make these edible pieces of art fit to present on a cake.

If you are an amateur just starting out in this field of cake decoration, or perhaps have tried your hand at decorating in sugar before, then here at the sugar studio you are taught the step by step techniques with hints, tips and tricks of the trade that take you from visualizing concept to its completion.

Decorations can be elaborate or simple and done in a jiffy, making you look like an absolute pro, wow-ing friends & family and in the process wow-ing yourself too, when you learn how easily these skills could be accomplished to make you a rolling success… with every roll you make becomes a decoration for cake!

Nasarene Dhanki

Ms. Nasarene has been teaching cake decorating in Dubai for well over 18 years and is a licensed instructor for the PME Knightsbridge School of Cake Decorating for Professional Diploma Courses in Sugar Crafting and Cake Decoration. Since the inception of PME, she has been attending the annual PME Instructors Seminar at the UK, to renew her license and to update herself with new market trends, materials and tools used for Cake Decorating.

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