In this day and age, where on one hand we are surrounded by fast foods, aerated drinks, sugar-free chewing gum and on the other hand more and more people are going the vegan way because of health reasons, one wonders, what actually is healthy food?

Do I need to be vegan to be healthy? Can I not eat cake anymore even though I love it if my health is important to me? These are the questions that come to mind when we start to talk about sweets, desserts, cakes and chocolate.

Some advertisements on television mislead us into believing that sugar-free, diet and energy drinks are ‘healthier options’ as compared to the regular kinds. They indirectly talk about sugar, flour, eggs and other ingredients as being bad foods. For me, healthy food is all about considering how natural the ingredients that I use are, or how natural is the food that I buy. Regardless of the current advertisements being shown, more and more people are getting conscious about their health and are choosing natural foods in their eating habits.

Following the same logic, if I am using natural ingredients for my cake, dessert, sweet, etc, the result will be something healthy, therefore does not necessarily harmful for my body, and can be even beneficial if I use nuts and fresh fruits. Also very likely is that a piece of chocolate cake is healthier than a piece of meat or even vegetables or salad that has been adulterated with a lot of preservatives and additives.

After the consideration of the QUALITY, the QUANTITY we intake is of as much importance. Our body is designed to take specific nutrients in a specific ratio. Even if we eat food and cakes with natural ingredients only, it will have a negative effect on our body, if we take ingredients in quantities more than our bodies are designed to take and manage. For example, sugar, though an important energy source is harmful if taken in excess. Therefore, when thinking about healthy food, think about natural ingredients and all in the right quantity.

I am a Pastry Chef and also am proud that our team at ICCA teaches people how they can be Pastry Chefs using the same logic and create magic using simple ingredients. After all eating a little freshly baked cake everyday and enjoying it, does us more good than not having it at all, and then binge on the same as we can’t struggle anymore with the cravings.

Mihaly Danyi

Chef Mihaly Danyi started his culinary journey in the year 1993 as a Pastry Trainee in Ice Buffet, one of the oldest pastry shops in Budapest, Hungary and over time became its Head Chef before leaving 1999. He has worked at numerous fine dining restaurants all over Europe including holding position as Head Chef for Pastry at Lafayette Gourmet - Food Hall at Galerie Lafayette, Balthazar at Covent Garden London, Maison Blanc - London, Laduree UK, Boulangerie Jade and Dunn's Bakery and Louis Patisserie, one of the oldest cafe & cake shops in London. He is currently the Chef Instructor Bakery, Patisserie, Chocolate & Gelato at ICCA Dubai.

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