Tips for Amateurs to Become Great Cooks


A lot of people think that cooking is only for the experts or at least for the ones who have some passion for cooking. Even when it is a necessity there are some who give up on themselves when it comes to cooking. They may have tried a couple of times before, failed, and now they think that cooking is something they can’t do. They just don’t have the confidence to try again and see how it goes.

Cooking is not any rocket science to get scared of or even to think about it as a herculean task. To cook a decent meal you just need a little self preparation. This preparation for cooking a meal includes a few things such as getting the right ingredients, using the right dishes, cutting and chopping, mixing flavors, and actually cooking the food. It may seem a little complicated, but it is not that difficult if you are willing to learn and work through it with a bit of direction. Here is what you need to know.

Learn to accept the failure

The first thing you need to do is to let go of the illusion that everything will go perfectly. You need to relax and understand that all famous cooks have thrown out, destroyed, or burned a lot of food before becoming a pro in cooking. Be prepared to make bad meals, in the beginning, to fail a couple of times. Remember: you can learn from your failure. For example, when you burn a certain ingredient, next time you will know how much heat it can take. So relax and take your time to perfection.


Cooking includes a lot of multitasking and finishing small tasks in a short period of time. As a beginner, all of this may seem chaotic, but when you decide and make an effort try to clean your kitchen counter while cooking, cutting vegetables, and serving the food, you will realize that it’s not that difficult. When cooking, there is always some downtime, like when roasting meat in the oven. These free times in between that you get should be used to either clean your workspace or prepare something else that goes along with the meal.

Get Appropriate Kitchen Tools

When it comes to cooking a decent meal, you can’t actually make one if you don’t have the necessary tools for it. Some more complex meals simply cannot be prepared well if you don’t use adequate dishes. Furthermore, a low-quality dish can ruin your food while cooking. So, before you decide to cook make sure you have all the basic essentials in your kitchen that you might need for your cooking.

Get good, simple and healthy recipes

Find some good and simple recipes with which you will start practicing your cooking. You can go with something that you find interesting and tasty as well. Before you start cooking, read a couple of cookbooks or food blogs to learn simple cooking terms so that you don’t get confused in the middle of frying something. Furthermore, you will learn “the flow” of cooking a meal and in which order things go.

Shop for Ingredients

Once you choose a meal that you want to cook, go to a nearby grocery store and get the ingredients you need for it. Try and find fresh ingredients only and avoid buying similar items. Ingredients are very important, and if you don’t stick to the recipe or they aren’t fresh, your meal won’t turn out as it’s supposed to. In the beginning, it is better to go with simple recipes for which the ingredients are easily available in any of the local grocery shops.

Prepare in advance

Before you actually turn on your oven or your stove, you should prepare things that can be prepared in advance. For example, cut and peel all the vegetables needed, set aside all the spices, meat, and other ingredients after measuring them. This way, you will have time to check the cookbook and make sure that you’ve got everything covered. Simply follow the steps and add ingredients as you go. Forgetting about something or getting confused will be much more difficult if you have everything prepared by your side.

As you get a hold on things in the kitchen, start being creative and always try to learn new things when cooking. It’s in human nature to cook and you will see how rewarding it can be to cook for yourself and your family as well. Always make sure to taste your food and ingredients while preparing them. You can quickly learn by the color of the food or by its taste whether or not it’s well-prepared. Explore cooking and have fun!

Content Credits : Nemanja Manojlovic


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