To Bake or not to Bake?

Why Cake? – Why bake, or decorate for that matter…?

As long as we have human milestones and landmark occasions to celebrate, – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, inaugurations and the arrivals of new births to name a few of the special occasions in life, there will always be good reason to have a centrepiece to dress the dining table with, and if it sweetens the palate, all the better for it.

Here at the ICCA Sugarcraft Studio , one can learn to create wonders with sugar and make absolute show stoppers that you never thought you could do, until you learn how. Coupled with learning how to bake well, you then have a win-win combination.

“When the pursuit of knowledge becomes a joy because the desire has been awakened to know more… the student will be eager to uncover what they do not know, that knowledge may take the place of ignorance”, said Mary Kimball Morgan.

If one is an amateur the skills learned here puts a better looking and tasting cake on one’s own table, and it won’t be long before other friends and family want the same on their tables, and there you have it.. it begins as a pocket money earner for yourself, and should you fine tune the skill levels, it can be a prospective career.

Then what you once said you couldn’t make, – becomes a piece of cake! Viola.


Nasarene Dhanki

Ms. Nasarene has been teaching cake decorating in Dubai for well over 18 years and is a licensed instructor for the PME Knightsbridge School of Cake Decorating for Professional Diploma Courses in Sugar Crafting and Cake Decoration. Since the inception of PME, she has been attending the annual PME Instructors Seminar at the UK, to renew her license and to update herself with new market trends, materials and tools used for Cake Decorating.

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