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Tomato which is now an integral culinary ingredient is consumed in a variety of ways, eaten raw or cooked, used in salads and to in sauces, also to make drinks. This widely used vegetable is botanically a berry-type fruit. Before it came to be used in cooking, people thought the tomato to be a poisonous plant because of its shine and colour.

Tomatoes are a great source of vitamins, B & C. The different types of tomatoes grown number in the thousands and can vary in size from the huge beef tomato to the small cherry tomatoes. Tomatoes have a sweetish flavour. Typically a fruit grown in warmer temperatures, they are grown all year round using controlled environments. When buying tomatoes go for a firm and wrinkle free skin, and they should have a beautiful tomato smell. Listed below are names of some tomatoes that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Beefsteak: they are the biggest with a meaty texture and a sweet taste. They are excellent for salads and perfect for stuffing.

Cherry: are a small, very sweet and have a strong intense flavour. They are ideal for salads, pasta sauces and can even be roasted.

Plum: good for making stews and sauces, plum tomatoes are available as a baby or full-grown tomato. Oval in shape & with a rich flavour, the plum tomatoes have comparatively few seeds.

Green: there are two varieties of green tomato – The unripe green tomato is tart and good for chutneys or to be fried. The other kind is the variety that stays green when ripe, has a tangy flavour and is good in salads or, again, fried.

Yellow: these ripen to a golden yellow color, and are good in salads, salsas, and chutneys.

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