Truffle Grits with pan seared seabream



Grits                                      100gms

Chicken stock                    200ml

Parmesan cheese            50gms

Cheddar cheese               50gms

Salt                                        AR

Pepper                                  AR

Truffle oil                             few drops

Seambream fillet             2pcs

Lemon juice                       1tblspn

Vegetable oil                     2 tblspn



  1. In a sauce pan, bring chicken stock to a boil and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Using a wire pour in the grits while whisking continually and let it cook for about 8-10 mins
  3. mix in the cheeses
  4. drizzle with truffle oil and set aside

For the seabream

Season the  fish with salt, pepper and lemon juice

Pre-heat a sautee pan and add vegetable oil

Pan seared the fish starting with skin side down for roughly 2mins on each side

Serve on a bed of truffle grits and garnish with some micro-greens and pickled zucchini

Aziz Rajab

Chef Aziz is a professional chef, trainer & passionate Saucier, who completed his training at the Escoffier Hotel School in Nairobi. He has not only achieved a tall order of success in his career as chef in the Hospitality Industry but also managed to touch the lives of keen learners as a Chef trainer. He believes perfection is attainable and makes sure its at the heart of his cooking, leading him to have a sharp eye for detail. The Kitchen is his home as his comfort with food transcends onto the plate.

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