What Baking means to me?


When I was a kid, I loved to watch my Grandma & Grand dad both good Bakers, as they baked in their kitchen. It was fun to see how they turned simple ingredients into Sweet Magic.

This Sweet Magic inspired me to become a Pastry Chef. I continue to follow their practice Baking from the Heart and with Passion and try to bring the same flavors’ in the Cakes as they both once used to make.

When looking for some nice desserts in a place like Dubai, one generally tends to see two distinct kinds of  concepts:

  1. Look fancy and beautiful, but taste not as nice as it looks.
  2. Look simple and not so attractive, but taste it, you simply love it.

For me, the first and most important thing about a Cake is the look, it has to be something, “Wow, how and who made that kind!” and when tasted, the flavors should actually beat the looks!

The appearance might not be very important when we bake at home but  then the taste is.  However, when you make something good for others or if you are a Professional Pastry Chef and also expect people to spend their money on it, then good appearances do matter as much as good taste.

Growing up seeing my grandparents and also other “old time” Pastry Chefs baking, still can clearly remember the flavors they had created then. Now for me not only making good flavors but with a beautiful texture and nice structure is the next most important thing in a Cake for me.

When we have a fantastic flavor, playful texture and an exciting structure then our Cake has a story, to create a harmonic composition that connects the look, the feel and also taste to greatly experience.

I like both, the  new exciting flavors and also the very traditional tastes.

As Professionals we need to convince our customers about our product and then we need to ensure that they will never forget what they have seen and tasted.

When I bake, my main focus is on the uniqueness in the quality of flavor and also the fancy in the look of it.

Lately the trend around the World is actually to value the “old fashioned” baking and turning back to the traditional Artisan ways in Pastry, Bread, Gelato and Chocolate as against the “Soul-less” industrial mass production.

There is a big difference between to just doing something or doing something from the depth of ones Heart!

Mihaly Danyi

Chef Mihaly Danyi started his culinary journey in the year 1993 as a Pastry Trainee in Ice Buffet, one of the oldest pastry shops in Budapest, Hungary and over time became its Head Chef before leaving 1999. He has worked at numerous fine dining restaurants all over Europe including holding position as Head Chef for Pastry at Lafayette Gourmet - Food Hall at Galerie Lafayette, Balthazar at Covent Garden London, Maison Blanc - London, Laduree UK, Boulangerie Jade and Dunn's Bakery and Louis Patisserie, one of the oldest cafe & cake shops in London. He is currently the Chef Instructor Bakery, Patisserie, Chocolate & Gelato at ICCA Dubai.

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