Why you should love Artisan Pizza more?


Kid: I want Pizza!

Parent: No chance…it is very high in fats and is so bad for you. How many times will you have pizza? I have explained to you that you can have it only as a treat once in a way.

Husband: Honey let’s have a quiet Thursday night – why don’t we stay in, watch TV and order pizza?

Wife: Yeah, we can do all that but pizza? You know very well that it is greasy, high in cholesterol, fats, and sodium, makes you gain weight, so not good.

I am sure these scenarios sound familiar to almost everyone. In my case, they are certainly true. I LOVE PIZZA (there, I said it!). Many forlorn moods have been uplifted and many marital discords have been settled over a nice, hot, gloopy, slurpy slice of pizza. Just the thought of wood fire oven, thin crust, delicious garlic infused tomato sauce, basil leaves, a sprinkling of chili flakes and torn buffalo mozzarella is enough to send me into instant rapture.

It definitely is one of my comfort foods and I have had many arguments with people who ask me how I could you like pizza so much? This vehement dislike did make me wonder – Are they exaggerating because they don’t know how to appreciate the good things in life or are they actually saying it because there is some truth in it?

So I decided to settle this once and for all by dissecting a pizza and judge if it lands on a healthy planet or is relegated to the junk planet. After analyzing all the aspects from crust to topping, with a heavy heart, I had to concede that most of the pizzas sold by fast food joints are loaded with saturated fats, high salt and high on simple carbs. Sorry my fellow pizza loving folks, such pizzas are firmly planted on the Junk Planet.

However, the good news is, authentic artisan Italian pizza was never considered junk. In fact, it’s a part of their everyday meal. It’s the commercialization that ruined the quality and authenticity of the good old artisan pizza. Nowadays, people prefer to taste the authenticity and tradition in the healthiest ways possible rather than a slice of junk food loaded with unwanted calories. This is exactly why we see more of artisan pizzerias opening everywhere which has shown the way to many aspiring entrepreneurs and cooking enthusiasts to ICCA Dubai’s Artisan Pizza Making Program.

So if you like pizza and don’t want to deny yourself the pleasures occasionally (remember moderation is the mantra to a good life) find a good pizzeria that makes a pizza which ticks all the correct boxes or better still learn how to make one from the Italian Pizza Masters themselves at ICCA Dubai.

Sounds good?

If yes, you know what to do, we don’t have to tell you.


Swati Pant


The core team here consists of individuals who are highly motivated, dedicated and with a keen eye for detail to ensure qulaity delivery. ICCA Dubai stays true to its mission and remains committed to providing the opportunity for its students to realize their dreams through applied knowledge and the hands on approach here ensures that our students are given personalized attention to help achieve their very best. The laurels and achievements of our students are a testimony of our absolute commitment.

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