Black Beauty Cake with Hazelnut Crumble



An easy to bake dark chocolate cake with Mayonnaise and served in a chocolate-hazelnut crumble shell to give a nice crunch to the rich and moist cake.

Devil Sponge Cake  
100 ml whole egg
170 gm sugar
30 gm cocoa powder
90 gm water
65 gm mayonaise
3 gm salt
12 gm milk
100 gm flour
5 gm baking powder
2 gm baking soda
Chocolate Frosting
250 gm Dark chocolate
250 gm Cream 1
250 gm Cream 2
30 gm Icing sugar
Dark Choc Mirror Glaze
70 gm Water
140 gm Sugar
40 gm Whipping Cream
40 gm Cocoa Powder
20 gm Dark Chocolate
2 pcs Gelatine
Chocolate crumble
200.000 gm Butter
100.000 gm Icing sugar
120.000 gm Hazelnut Powder
2.000 gm Salt
120.000 gm ap Flour
80.000 gm Cocoa Powder


Devil sponge cake.

  1. beat egg and sugar creamy
  2. mix together: cocoa powder, water, mayonaise, salt, milk,
  3. mix together: flour, baking powder, baking soda

mix 2. to 1., fold in 3.

bake at 180 deg C

Chocolate Frosting

  1. Boil cream 1 and pour over the chocolate
  2. Gently fold in together and set aside
  3. Whip. Cream 2 with icing sugar
  4. Fold Whiped cream to ganache
  5. Chiller until we use it.


Dark Choc Mirror Glaze

  1. Soak the gelatine
  2. Boil water and cream. Mix cocoa powder and sugar. Add to the liquid and continue boiling
  3. Take off from the heat and add the gelatine. Then a dd the dark chocolate
  4. Cool down untill it ready to use.

Chocolate crumble

  1. butter,powdered sugar and salt .Incorporate hazelnut flour. Add slowly pastry flour.Let let set in the refrigerator. Make butter crumble and bake at 160



Sally Handoko

Sally Hondoko started her career in the Four Seasons in Indonesia and edged into the pastry kitchen. After two years at Four Seasons, she moved to Dubai and worked with JW Marriot, Fairmont and Conrad Dubai before her current position with ICCA Dubai as a Pastry Chef Instructor. Despite her successful position as a pastry chef in the kitchen hierarchy, Sally was always interested in developing her career as a culinary instructor so she can share her knowledge and inspire the next round of professionals in the field.

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