Cake Decoration Business– Ways to go about it


As the interest in home baking is increasing day-by-day among the home bakers, customized cake decoration has carved a niche for itself in the world of patisserie opening huge business opportunities for the bakers. It has motivated many home bakers to become successful entrepreneurs from being just amateurs. And, cakes being an inevitable part of our celebrations assures that this trend is going to stay.

When it comes to the business side of customized cake decoration, it has many facets to it. First of all most of them who are in this business did not start decorating cakes with the intention of starting a business. The business happened because of various reasons such as;

  • Started doing birthday cakes for own kids, then friends & acquaintances began to notice your decoration skills and started placing orders for them.
  • Took a class in cake decoration and found out you are good at this and started doing cakes for friends and family soon.
  • It is a family business.

The reasons could differ from person to person for ending up in this business even though it was never much of a business thought to get started off in the first place. Cake decorating is fun and making someone’s special day even more special with your artistic talent is indeed what this career is all about. But behind that fun part, there is a lot of work, time and money invested into it.

When you first get started you may only need a few basic tools and equipment such as a heavy duty mixer, bowls, spatulas, an oven, and a place that you can make a mess, which could probably be your own kitchen itself in the beginning. Yes, cake decorating is a messy work but it is a sweet mess.

Now comes the interesting part which is the reimbursement. If others outside of your family ask for decorated cakes make sure they are willing to pay you. If you are going to make this a business you must treat it like one. If you are new at this you obviously cannot charge them a bomb for all of your time in decorating their cake. Just check out the prices with the nearby bakeries to get an idea and come up with a price tag that is not too intimidating for your customers when you are starting off.

Take it low and slow it will let you gain knowledge and experience. Bakeries make tasty cakes but that comes nowhere near to the homemade ones where you spend hours putting things together to make something exceptionally special. Again, that will happen only if you have enough knowledge in baking and sugarcraft. So make sure as soon as you find out you are interested in cake baking & decorating get professionally trained in a culinary school if you want to take your interests to the next level.

Along with the fun and happy decorative sprees, there are some negative aspects too when it comes to cake decorating as a home business. It requires a commitment of your time that your family may not want to sacrifice. So, your family’s support is very important if you are considering this as a home business. Advance planning and keeping a calendar of events is a must when you are in this business. Classes and speciality equipment to advance your skills can be expensive. Also, you might want to make sure that you meet with the Health requirements in your city as your business grows.

If you have considered all of this and ready to step in it –then you are most welcome to the wonderful world of the sugar arts. This is to be a most rewarding and creative business and is an art that keeps stretching your imagination, building your skills, and making others happy.

Shruti Raj

A simple writer, with hands on experience in Public Relations and Communications. An ardent lover of food with a natural flair for culinary arts, who loves to write anything and everything about food, with a career background of more than half a decade invested in various communication fields. Now being a part of ICCA Dubai Digital Marketing team, she intends to showcase her professional expertise in web & print content development and food photography, and adapt to learn more with the team.

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