Choux Pastry

One of the very first recipes Patisserie Courses offer are Choux pastes. Youd be familiar with the Choux from its famous and delectable derivatives – cream puffs, profiteroles, paris-brest, and eclairs!

This recipe is super quick, and easy to follow. However, you must keep in mind to allow the steamer in your oven to provide that extra humidity the choux needs to bake to a light, crisp and airy pastry.

TIP: If you do not have a built-in steamer, simply spray water in a pre-heated oven, which would help initiate the process!

Choux Pastry:


  • Butter – 50g
  • Flour – 60g
  • Water – 125 ml
  • Eggs – 2 pieces
  • Salt – 1 pinch
  • Sugar – 2 pinches

Method of Preparation

  • Bring to a boil in a sauce pan – butter along with water and salt
  • Add flour to the pan – stir vigorously using a spatula
  • Cool completely until you can see no visible steam
  • Place in a kitchen aid (using paddle attachment)
  • Add eggs slowly on medium speed, until well combined
  • Pipe the desired shape on a greased oven tray
  • Bake at 200 degrees c for 5mins
  • Then reduce temp to 160 for 12mins
  • Should visually be golden-brown, while the interior should be partly hollow


Pipe down a straight line, around 6cm long.


Pipe a button-like/5p sized coin shape.

Sizes are simply an estimate, but can be made according to your preferences. These choux pastries can be filled in with the pastry cream mentioned earlier (add link), however any cream would make this shine!



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