Crème Brûlée


Ingredients: Quantity
Egg yolk 55 gm
Fresh cream 100 gm
Milk 50 gm
Sugar 30 gm
Vanilla Essence Few drops

Pistachio Paste                                        15 gm



 Mix sugar, egg yolk, pistachio paste and vanilla essence.

  1. Gently heat fresh cream & milk together, do not boil.
  2. Pour heated cream on sugar & egg mixture while continuously mixing.
  3. Strain into ramekins and bake at 100˚C for 1 to1:30 hour, until firm in the centre.

Aziz Rajab

Chef Aziz is a professional chef, trainer & passionate Saucier, who completed his training at the Escoffier Hotel School in Nairobi. He has not only achieved a tall order of success in his career as chef in the Hospitality Industry but also managed to touch the lives of keen learners as a Chef trainer. He believes perfection is attainable and makes sure its at the heart of his cooking, leading him to have a sharp eye for detail. The Kitchen is his home as his comfort with food transcends onto the plate.

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