Food Trends for 2017

Move over kale, obsessively-decorated smoothie bowls and the calorie-laden monster-shakes. The global food trends for 2017 is going to be everything 2016 was not! So what is going to be big in the food world? With everything health-friendly and fun, know the food trends for 2017 that are everything intriguing and sure to keep us hooked!

Color of the year

Photo Courtesy of Pantone

Photo Courtesy of Pantone

Whole Foods predicts that the food color of the year is found in purple corn, purple cauliflower, purple cereal, sweet potatoes among others. Owing to all the health benefits, this color is predicted to see a surge in its popularity.

The flavours of 2017

Food Flavors

Food Flavors








Comex’s Flavor Forecast suggests combining fruit and flowers flavours such as raspberry lavender in dairy, baked goods, beverages and beverage syrups. The tropical combinations are predicted to win over consumers and they will continue to seek flavours inspired by nature.

Embracing plant proteins

Food Proteins

Food Proteins








Vegetarian-friendly meat alternatives will be already in the market. Due to concerns about environment and climate change, there will be rising interest in meat alternatives. This is a brainchild of the startup Beyond Meat which gained investment by Tyson Foods in 2016. The meat alternative creations have surprised everyone and is sure to take the food world by storm!

Unleashing the “good” in fats

The "Good" in Fats

The “Good” in Fats









Don’t be surprised to embrace the nutrient we once feared. Yes, it’s the fats! Goods fats will be capitalized on with an understanding of the fact that we need fat to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and as an energy source. You’ll see more people adding milk to their coffee, and low-fat cheese will be seen disappearing from the dairy case.

So, own it up in 2017 as you embrace these hot and happening culinary trends!

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