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India is blessed with many regional cuisines. Each Indian state has its own distinct cuisine and under these cuisines, there are countless sub-cuisines. In fact, it won’t be wrong to assume that after every 20 km, you will experience a different cuisine in India.

In such a diverse country the concept of a food joint cannot be limited only to restaurants or street food vendors. As I mentioned above, there are so many cuisines in this country that you will not get to taste in any restaurant and is yet to be explored. Probably, that’s the reason the new concept of Home Dining was introduced in India by the talented home-chefs of the region.

The Home dining is an online concept which allows you to enjoy a home-cooked meal, at the home-chef’s residence for a reasonable price, where you not only get to relish on the delicious spread but will also get to know more about the cuisine in detail. It connects food lovers with each other as well as the home-chefs specializing in a particular regional Indian cuisine.


Cuisines offered by home-chefs;

  • Parsi Food: Akuri (scrambled eggs with green chillies, onion and tomatoes), Tarela jhinga (fried prawns), Chicken farcha (fried chicken), Jardalu ma ghosht (mutton with spices and apricots), Dhansak (mutton with lentils) and many more.
  • Royal Awadhi khazana: Dum ka Murg (marinated chicken with light spices and cooked in its own juice), Lucknowi  biryani (famous layered chicken biryani), Kakori Kebabs (mutton minced kebabs), Khubani ka Mitha (sweet made out of soaked apricot)
  • Sindh jo swaad (Sindhi food): Kheema Tikki (minced mutton roasted with fine spices and made into potato based patties), Bhee pakoda (lotus roots sliced, steamed and gram flour batter fried), Sai Bhaji (spinach and vegetables mixed with lentil and spices cooked to give a flavourful boost).
  • Kathiyawadi Rasoi: Sev Tamata (tomato preparation with gram flour savoury), Tuvar dal Khichadi (creamy soft rice and lentil preparation), Bajra na rotla (Millet bread), kadhi ( buttermilk cooked with gram flour and given a mustard and dried red chillies tampering)
  • United Punjab: Chapli kebabs (flat and juicy mutton minced kebabs), Lahori Nihari (trotters cooked overnight), Peshawari Murg ( famous chicken preparation from Peshawar- Pakistan), Maa ki daal ( lentils and red kidney beans cooked until soft, tempered with spices and mixed with fresh cream)

The menu is always wide and elaborate and starts with welcome drinks, three to four appetizers, various main course dishes with accompaniments such as chutney, raita, Indian bread and at least two types of desserts. The home-chefs are not professional chefs; they are homemakers or working professionals.


Indian Food Trail (IFT) is one such platform that gives the opportunity to the home-chefs to showcase and sell their regional cuisine or meal to foodies. They approach the home-chefs who are interested in it, taste their food, take photos of the same and understand the culture and tradition of that particular cuisine. If the food meets satisfactory requirements, they fix the menu with the home-chef and book dates for the lunch/dinner. The invites will be done through social media, preferably Facebook with the details of the menu with pictures, date time and venue. Interested foodies can book their meal for the particular at the venue. The venue is always the chef’s home, so the number of guests would be limited to 12-15 people.

It’s a good and new way of social gathering with delicious food, where you can interact with people from different backgrounds. Typically one such session goes up to 3 to 4 hours of talks, fun, and laughter relishing the delicious food.

The payment for the dine-in is directly given to IFT towards the end of the session, of which the Chefs get 80% and 20% goes to the organizers. The platform has organized more than 50 home-dining events across India, USA and Singapore. Soon, the service will be available in the Middle East, China, and the UK.


Written by

Sunil Murudkar

Professional Program – Batch 85


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