The Delicious Trend of Culinary Tourism


Food has become an ambassador for each and every region of the world. In a world where everything is getting digitized, food is one of those experiences that still demand our physical presence to enjoy it. One of the main reasons why food has the tourism industry support is because many places are also recognized based on the popularity of their cuisines.

Today, there is a growing population of foodies that are bitten by the travel bug and plan their vacations in and around culinary experiences. Their love for food is not limited to their own regional delicacies, and they want to have unique dining experiences with various cuisines from countries all over the world. This is how culinary tourism has come to prominence in the world of travel.

Culinary tourism is where food becomes the center of attraction for the tourists. They go beyond their regional boundaries to find good food and taste the authenticity without any compromise in the quality. It’s not just the flavours that fascinate them, but they are also keen on knowing the traditions and stories relevant to the food they eat wherever they go. The bottom line is that the more they travel, the broader their culinary experiences will be.

To most people, culinary tourism is a misconception which means going to exotic places to have only gourmet meals. In reality, food tourism is about experiencing new food cultures in different places. It could be a gourmet meal or street food, which depends totally on the travellers’ preference; sometimes it could be even a splendid home cooked meal that reveals the actual culture and custom of the people from the places they are visiting.  After all, a region’s local cuisine has a deep connection with its history, people and the rhythm of their daily life.

It would not be wrong to mention that culinary tourism has taken the travel & tourism industry by storm. In many tourist destinations around the world, food has redefined the tourism brand identity based on its achievement in the culinary industry.

Food tourism has also changed the face of many cuisines. The South Asian street food has evolved into a world-class culinary event and reached a status that it will be annually rated by Michelin under a category for best food stalls.

Thanks to social media, culinary travel shows, food festivals, food & travel bloggers, etc. for giving an inside scoop on all things delicious around the world, and boosting culinary travels inspiring us to experience some incredible burst of flavours on our taste buds while we take in the sights as we travel.


Image Credits: National Geographic

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