Veggies from our seas


Love them or hate them, vegetables are and should be on everyone’s daily diet.  They provide a source of many wonderful nutrients such as vitamins, iron, potassium, and calcium. Also known for their medicinal properties, vegetables are a powerhouse and one thing is for sure, they are here to stay. Here’s the catch though, these are not your ordinary veggies. Sea veggies….. Gasp I do hear, did he just say sea veggies? Sure did.

They are here and make no mistake about it they are super yummy.  They have been around for a considerable time and are used in cuisines all over the globe, especially in countries such as China, Japan, Norway, Wales and Ireland. Their flavor is a subtle pleasantly salty, due to the fact of a combination of calcium, magnesium, potassium and several other minerals which can be found in our planet oceans.

Sea Vegetables come with a lot of health benefits too; they are good for expecting mums, prevent aging, lower cholesterol and detoxify your body. I tend to use it very much like spinach; Use them in stir-fries, soups, and salads. The powdered form I would sprinkle over popcorn or use as an alternative to salt. I have used several types and here is my list. So why not get to your local supermarket and experiment with this wonder vegetables in the kitchen? I am certain you will not regret it….

Dulse: Try frying it, has a taste like bacon flavor.

Samphire: Try this in salads or serve it with fish.

Sea lettuce: Spice enhancer, aromatic ingredient. Try sprinkling the flakes into soups, Pizza toppings, and chicken.

Wakame:  Slightly sweet flavor. Use in soups (Miso) and salads.

Agar: Wonderful for fashioning yummy sugar-free desserts and is a substitute for gelatin. Also, has mild laxative properties, so good for people who suffer from constipation.


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Marco Morana

Chef Marco a chef with over 30 years of experience, with outstanding technical knowledge and a proven track record, ​has worked in Rosetted as well as Michelin star restaurants both in Europe and in the USA. He has attended cookery school at the Roux Brother's, Raymond Blanc and Betty of Harrowgate. One of his key achievements, includes success in building the reputation and maximizing clientele of critically acclaimed "one of the best tapas restaurants in the UK". He has the "Midas touch" with turning around restaurants, with a passion and drive for cooking. Some of his other achievements include, being a long standing food stylist for Michelin star Spanish restaurant, Reeds. He has also been featured on Radio Scotland and some of UK's Food Channels.

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