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From Paleo to Keto, we have seen several diet plans popping & trending every now and then, which some of us might have even tried also. Nowadays, you can’t even let a day go without either having a conversation about diets or running into someone who is on a diet. While people are constantly trying to follow or develop new & strange diet plans for the love of fitness or other personal reasons, it’s no surprise to see something as strange as Zodiac diet blooming in the food & fitness industry.

According to astrology, every zodiac sign has certain eating habits based on their predicted personality that comes under the particular sign, and this is what zodiac diet is all about.  So, let’s see what our Zodiac signs have to say about our diet plans.


Aquarius goes for unique and rare experiences. Naturally, their diet would also be in a specific way. As per the sign reading, ideally, it’s better if they go for customized diet plan rather than a generalized one for them to stay on track if they are planning to go on a diet.


People born under this sign usually love food in a very creative way. They appreciate food as a way to show care and affection. Considering they don’t like the idea of limiting themselves, they easily get frustrated with diets. So, it’s better if they eat in moderation rather than trying to follow any diet to keep fit.


Aries enjoys pushing and exploring their limits and this applies to their choice of food as well. Probably this is why they are not that great at keeping up with any kind of diets unless you make them compete with someone. Oh yeah, they will do anything to win.


Taureans are true foodies and they have a huge appetite as well. They want their meal to satisfy all their senses and only a finely prepared meal can make them happy. Dining table is a place for them to relax and unwind, so dieting is nothing more than a torture for them and they are emotional eaters too. Regular Exercise and portion control is the best way to go about fitness for them.


The Gemini people are interested more in spending a good time with the company they are in than the food when they eat. Although they enjoy cooking, eating is not one of their favourite activities. So, they barely need to go on any diet but if at all they do they will certainly stick to the plan.


Cancerians are known for their culinary skills and emotional eating habit. They mostly prefer homemade food and when they eat out they don’t compromise on the quality which helps them stay loyal to their diet plans without any complaints. The only thing they have to take care of is their appetite when they are emotionally down otherwise sticking on to a diet plan is easy-peasy for them.


Leos are all about luxury and sophistication which is very much reflected in their selection of food as well. They generally have good eating habits and a healthy & strong stomach too. They enjoy cooking for their loved ones and eating in good company. Leos have to feel great about everything they do otherwise they tend to drop the plan and the same goes for their diet as well.


Virgos are good in cooking with minimal ingredients as they don’t like to waste food. They care about the taste and presentation more than the fine ingredients that go into the dish. Since they usually have a sensitive stomach and slow metabolism they should be careful about their diet.


Libras are food lovers who like the whole drama around the food than the food itself. They are not about big portions but they like to take a small bite from everything and they try new things every now and then which keep them off track. They have a very bad sweet tooth as well and that’s where they really fail when it comes to keeping up with diet plans.


Scorpios are the midnight snack lovers. They love spicy food and stacked up racks full of snacks. They usually have a lean and slim body not because they follow any diet rules but they take control when they know it’s too much. So the lucky Scorpios really don’t have to worry about diets if they go like this.


Sagittarians love exotic and out of the box food. They experiment a lot and their diet could be quiet extreme or simply put they don’t mind eating whatever comes their way. Considering their eating habits it’s difficult for them to be to follow a disciplined diet but if they won’t then most likely they will suffer from digestive problems and other health issues.


Capricorns are pretty good with following a healthy diet as a lifestyle more than just a short term plan. They always find time for a good meal and are very particular about having the food on time. They prefer to eat in a calm and relaxed mood and that itself is a healthy approach to food as they won’t over eat. It could be easily said that the Capricorns can definitely keep up with a healthy diet.

Whether you believe in these readings or not, the Zodiac diet is slowly gaining popularity and people are actually trying this out to fix their diet problems. Following a diet and using different measures to stick to the plan is good, however, we would say knowing your food well and cooking your own meal would be a much wiser way of approach towards a healthier tomorrow.

Shruti Raj

A simple writer, with hands on experience in Public Relations and Communications. An ardent lover of food with a natural flair for culinary arts, who loves to write anything and everything about food, with a career background of more than half a decade invested in various communication fields. Now being a part of ICCA Dubai Digital Marketing team, she intends to showcase her professional expertise in web & print content development and food photography, and adapt to learn more with the team.

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